I don't like anything about politics.
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14-01-2013, 03:19 AM (This post was last modified: 14-01-2013 03:29 AM by Nappa.)
RE: I don't like anything about politics.
(14-01-2013 03:05 AM)Aseptic Skeptic Wrote:  In that case, I will pretend you're not just trolling and dispute your entire asinine premise.

I am not in any kind of ruling class. I am not even remotely related to any aristocracy. And I hate dictatorships because they invariably end up with tyrants ruling, oppressing, and enslaving a country at their whim. Even the most benevolent dictator rules with an iron fist, eliminating anyone who opposes him, for as long as he can hold onto it - and those guys are almost always deposed by a much more vicious and power-hungry wannabe dictator making a grab for the throne (figuratively speaking) and therefore even the good ones, such as they are, are replaced by the awful tyrants.

So I hate dictatorships but for reasons based on history, logic, and rationality. It has nothing to do with aristocracy or ruling families.

Actually, "hate" is your word, not mine, and I should stop using your word and point out that I don't hate them. I recognize the fatal flaws of dictatorships and refuse to support any notion that there is any long term benefit of a dictatorship that isn't trashed by the long term inevitability of tyranny and the consequences thereof.

Democracy has it's flaws, no doubt, but dictatorships have far worse flaws, and even though Hitler made some great forward-thinking strides for his country, he was insane and despicable and tyrannical and eventually those traits were all he had at the end, but not until 10 million people were dead for no reason.

So if there's any chance you're not just the next troll to get banned for idiotic (and eventually rule-breaking) trolling, if there's a chance you actually read what anyone posts with an even remotely open mind, then think again about the gaping holes in your inane logic.
You need not worry about my mind, for it is as open as the cosmic abyss, it is I who worry about the opening of your mind.

Everything you just said about dictators is also true about oligarchies/aristocrats. We saw how our own aristocracy responded when Communism began to spread, they started a cold war and they were the ones who INSTALLED your ever so hated (and rightfully so in this case) dictators in the first place. And just so they could have some very minor measure of influence over communism in that region of the world.

And at the end you have to say your reasons for hating hitler, much the reasons an oligarchy in ancient greece would use to defame any tyrant 'murderer, enslaver, insane' and all you have to show for it are some pictures and a few eye-witness accounts. Not very evidence based for the murder of ten million. I've seen the most pathetic of murder trials have more evidence than that, and that was just for one person. I will agree with you that Hitler's mental state was deteriorating at the closing years of the war, I suspect Parkinson's for a few reasons, but mainly the shakes he would get, which is evident in some videos of him.

(14-01-2013 03:05 AM)earmuffs Wrote:  Cool story bro, needs more dragon.

I honor the man above high more than I do you, at least he is trying to be open-minded, to which I am very grateful to him and we can have a semi decent political discussion involving oligarchies and dictatorships and some things about hitler. Which people have a god awful time just getting past the hatred that had been instilled in them for years in school, by their parents, and social media. You never question what you hate, never.
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