I hate the term "Cultural Jew"
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28-07-2016, 07:32 AM
RE: I hate the term "Cultural Jew"
(24-07-2016 05:17 PM)OrdoSkeptica Wrote:  I loathe this term within the Jewish community it's almost an accusation it's like saying oh sure you love our culture language and our accomplishments and revere our struggle over the centuries to be free and safe. But because you don't inter prate our history mystically then you really aren't one of us you just a partial Jew. And i'm shocked at Jews who are unbelieving who embrace this title .

From outsiders it feels the same it seems there saying you are less Jewish because being Jewish is defined by believing in god. But from my current view of my people i see more i see an ancient people who have endure centuries of brutal oppression and have learned and risen from it .To be a powerhouse in science ,economics ,law,technology and medicine and have enriched the world in each. I don't have to believe in magic to take pride in those accomplishments and i do.

A teacher of mine put it this way The ancients tried to break us .They failed the Romans tried they failed. The Christians tried they failed.Islam tried they failed. Hitler better then you have tried and failed.We made it here and mysticism had nothing to do with it. It was done by the sacrifice of millions and might require the sacrifice of more. But when will we see it has always been men weak and great that have steered our destiny not magic not prayers not ancient parchments.Men

You can always call yourself an uncultured Jew! THere are a lot of us, join the club!
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