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I have no life :(
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10-09-2012, 04:00 AM
RE: I have no life :(
(17-08-2012 05:18 AM)earmuffs Wrote:  Son.
My time spent on MW3 is currently at just over 13days, and I haven't played in 2months.
And MW3 is the CoD (well, CoD4, MW, Blops) I've spent least amount of time playing.
Then you add to that the 29other xbox games I have. Then you add onto that when I use to play WoW.
Then you add Paradox Games ontop of that (Hearts of Iron II/III, Europa Universalis III, Victoria II, Crusader Kings I/II, Europa Universalis Rome). Then other assorted games like most city building games, age of empires games, civilization games. Then you gotta add when I had a ps2 and all the time spent on that.
Oh and don't forget to add where it all started with the ps1 and all the time spent on that.

Get on my level.

Just hit 17 days on MW3... :/ and that's all I play.

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