I just need to vent...
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21-06-2013, 10:56 AM
RE: I just need to vent...
contact social services in your area....there might be some help available to you that you are unaware of in rent assistance, childcare, food, it will lessen the financial dependence on your mom.....an ideal would be another childcare arrangement.

"Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing"--Helen Keller
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21-06-2013, 05:36 PM
RE: I just need to vent...
(21-06-2013 12:26 AM)lonely.girl Wrote:  [/color][/font]

I liked your post; in saying nothing you at least distorted nothing, you hurt no one...andhopefully you felt better after your vent.Smile
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21-06-2013, 05:51 PM
RE: I just need to vent...
(21-06-2013 10:23 AM)lonely.girl Wrote:  OK here's what I originally meant to post, I hope it works this time.
So I come from a Catholic family and I recently came out the atheist closet a few months ago to my mom and one of my sisters. My mom is very superstitious and she believes in feng shui and lucky candles etc. and has lots of symbols and things around her apartment to attract good luck. She is also a tarot card reader and well, her business is booming. I used to pretend to believe in the stuff she does but now I made it very clear that I respect her decision but I don't believe in it.
I'm a full time college student, single parent and work full time for very close to minimum wage and my mom babysits my daughter while I'm gone. I recently borrowed a large sum of money from my mom to pay rent and bills and I've always paid her back. Here's why I'm upset. She's new to facebook so she doesnt know that I can see what she posts and I saw some comments she made to my aunt saying I was a failure in life because I don't have faith. No
Last night I reminded my daughter to keep reading her science books that I buy for her and it must've slipped her mouth with my mom because she came home tonight telling me that my mom gave her another lecture that God created everything and that no matter what I teach her, she has to believe in what she tells her. She even dared to tell my 9 year old daughter to just compare who has more things and more money and she will notice that my mom is doing much better because God is on her side and that she needs to do what she says. She is basically brainwashing my daughter! Whenever I confront her about it she denies it and threatens me with not helping me anymore. She says that the reason why I had no money and I'm losing everything is because I need God in my life. I feel so betrayed because I need my mom's help but I don't want to give up who I've became. I may be broke for now but I know it will change when I'm done with college. I don't want to confront her anymore because I know in her mind, her argument is stronger and she'll win because all she will do is compare our financial situation. I have no real friends to run to because every single one of them is religious. To top it all off I have social anxiety and I just feel like an outcast in this city and sometimes I wonder if it's worth it to drag my daughter down the same path as me. I just need some motivation I guess. Huh

In coming here you will find some strident views relating to atheism and the stupidity of believing anything not ensconced within the scientific method.
You may find this interesting, even enlightening in ways. As for whether it is 100% true is an exceedingly big call.
I am not anti God, in fact I am pro God within the limits of such terminology. Religions, of course, can complicate things the same way that militant atheists tend to be similar in their dogmas and cosmic absolutes, as do a good many fundamentalist religionists.
We even have a resident Christian (of sorts) here espousing Calvinist views.
Don't let your financial and familial problems negate your right to think freely and without the restraints of people pleasing, as found in both atheism and theism.
Good luck in your pursuit of higher thinking.........Cool
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