I'll be a believer 'till the day I die..
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18-03-2013, 01:23 PM
Video RE: I'll be a believer 'till the day I die..
(18-03-2013 01:16 PM)bbeljefe Wrote:  Dude... it's you who is Santa! That's how you know he's real. You shave off your beard after Christmas eve and you re-grow it, which is clearly evidenced by the short gray whiskers that are already on their way to being a full Santa beard just in time for this year.

I bet it's frustrating that all these people go around saying you're not real but I know you are. I would recognize that nose anywhere. My wife used to stay up late on Christmas eve just so she could kiss you and have that nose buried up in her, um, well, you know.

Why did you stop coming for her? She misses you, you bastard!
Keerist! I dunno how to respond to that one - I'm laughing too hard... LOL

"that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence" Christopher Hitchens
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