I'm Gonna Make Me Some Alcohol!
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24-05-2013, 04:52 PM
RE: I'm Gonna Make Me Some Alcohol!
(24-05-2013 04:43 PM)Dark Light Wrote:  I think I may just start with a gallon of mead to stick my toes in the water. The beer brewing project is adding up quickly, and I don't have a big budget to blow. I'm trying to get started with about $150-$200 bucks. Beer just seems much more expensive. Maybe I can add a piece of equipment here and there. Plus I would need to buy a 5 gallon pot, as of right now I have a 3 gallon. I dunno...we'll see.

Mead has some of the same hassles and can take up to a year to ferment out. It takes a long time to convert all that sugar into booze! Lol.

We used to make mead at our holiday party. Everyone would bring honey, we'd do 5 gallons and bottle it usually around October or Novemeber the following year (depending on the kind we did), then give everyone bottles. After a few years we had enough to sample different years of mead. It really was fun.

I was asking husband and he said someone still has a few bottles of an olleberry mead we made at our third holiday party. It's got to be around 15 years old! The friend said they're going to ship them to us. They cracked one and it was still good, super mellow.

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11-07-2013, 12:51 AM
RE: I'm Gonna Make Me Some Alcohol!
Well, I figure I'd give this thing an update considering I'm a bit drunk.

I decided to make some short mead at the end of last month. I finally got the basics to do it, and it is setting on the shelf as we speak. I went with the most basic recipe...supposed to be the way it was made in antiquity...kind of. It is supposed to take 2 months to 2 months + a week to be ready to drink. The recipe (one gallon) called for 3.5 lbs of honey, one sliced orange, a stick of cinnamon, 1 clove, 25 raisins (which is supposed to act as a yeast nutrient) and bread yeast vice wine yeast to keep it sweet. I used a bit of spring water vice the tap water it called for. Although it didn't call for it I added a small amount of light brown sugar, just seemed to fit. I'm looking forward to trying it.

I was impatient to try some of my own booze so I decided to make a bit of hooch. Okay, hard apple cider technically. 1 gallon of apple juice, pasteurized, but whatever, it was an experiment. The recipe I looked at was VERY basic, wrote by a starving college student, but I upgraded a bit. I used a proper airlock at least. Basically a but of juice, sugar (I used brown sugar again), I added a stick of cinnamon and used some bread yeast since I had plenty of it. It strained it and frigerated it earlier and had a glass. It is a bit strong, not particularly tasty, but good lord, it'll get your drunk. One glass down and I am feeling alright. I want to repeat the hard cider again properly. I have plenty of apples on my property, think I'll make a press and throw in some slices for good measure. Also, Ill use some proper yeast.

Either way it's official. I'm a home-brewer. Thanks to Stark and Mom. If I ever make a good enough batch maybe I'll mail each of you a bottle to taste Wink

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