I'm building a Tesla Coil
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27-01-2013, 01:48 AM (This post was last modified: 27-01-2013 02:24 AM by DeepThought.)
RE: I'm building a Tesla Coil
(22-01-2013 02:25 PM)Carlo_The_Bugsmasher_Driver Wrote:  I've started the initial research into building my own backyard Tesla Coils. The first will be a small but powerful one, capable of generating 400,000 VAC. The first coil will be technology demonstrator as well as something to cut my teeth on so to speak in lightning creation. I'm making a journal and keeping notes on the progress. I hope to begin construction of the prototype in two weeks or so. I've affectionately named it Cocijo - after a little known Meso-American thunder god.
If you run that thing in your backyard outside a faraday cage expect to cause enough rf interference to make everything (cell phone, tv, and radio related) to be jammed in your local area.

The noise will also give away location, though government communication regulators (whatever body in the USA controls frequency spectrum and power use) will be tracking the source of your broadcast as well.

Tesla transformers really give off allot of rf while creating an entertaining light show.

I suppose it depends how big it is... you might piss off neighbours with wifi or relying on over the air tv.

Worst case you'll interfere with aircraft communications, cellphones and emergency services in your area. If that that happens they will find you really quickly. With todays technology its possible to triangulate the position of any rf transmitter within a few meters. The technology is in use in all cellphone towers.

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