I'm frustrated
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02-12-2016, 06:23 PM
RE: I'm frustrated
(02-12-2016 06:14 PM)Leela Wrote:  1. Just wow. I just measured my fattest part and found I lost 4 cm in the past week! I am pretty damn sure that this is the thyroid medicine kicking in and the fact that finally I can sleep.

2. There is this one negative side effect that I am having atm. Before the thyroid medicine, I had my ADHC under some control because I was pretty lethargic if... I mean I was doing my cycling and all but if I sat, I sat and that was it. Now I am just moving non-stop and I cannot stop myself and it is annoying at times. My brain is as ADD as always but now the hyperactivity is kicking in like crazy. I just don't wanna tell the doctor because I don't want more medications and so on. I hope I get this under control in some way. They cycling before and after work is a good thing to drain that energy but it is apparently not enough anymore.

3. I am a bit afraid to go sleep tonight because I don't want to take the sleeping pills on weekends. I don't want my brain to start relying on them to sleep. Sure it helps me greatly right now for the week but yea, just trying to be careful.

4. The water in my legs is starting to go away. I trouched my foot earlier and realized there is actual foot under that skin. like bones and muscles. I am impressed Tongue

K, trying to do that sleeping thing now. cya

It can take time to adjust to the meds. Thyroid meds do give additional energy, but your body will balance out as you go. That was my experience anyway.

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04-12-2016, 10:01 PM
RE: I'm frustrated
Glad the meds are helping. Your thyroid is one of those things that can quickly throw all kinds of other stuff out of whack once it stops functioning correctly.

The expense of the doctors visits and all are overwhelming and keep a lot of us from going for way too long. I've been there too. But because of how much the thyroid can affect your health and your whole life, you just can't put a price on that. You're really very lucky that you caught it before it caused irreparable damage to your heart and other organs. The fatty liver is no joke either. I would not put off getting that looked at any more than absolutely necessary.

As for having a baby, of course that's going to be your decision. Personally, I would recommend waiting a year or so to give yourself some time to adjust to the meds and get your weight and other pressing issues under control. Pregnancy is a huge strain on your body and when you combine that with your health issues, it could have some serious negative implications for both you and your baby. It's easy to want to throw caution to the wind when you're feeling like you have nothing to lose but your future babies health is also at stake. Just my personal opinion. Whatever you decide, good luck. I hope you continue seeing positive results.

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