I'm scared Trump will be president
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03-03-2016, 01:07 PM
RE: I'm scared Trump will be president
(03-03-2016 01:05 PM)morondog Wrote:  
(03-03-2016 12:30 PM)Grasshopper Wrote:  I'm not an expert on ancient history, so take this with a grain of salt, but I'm skeptical about the number for Greece. As far as I know, ancient Greece consisted of a bunch of independent city-states, who were often busy fighting each other (i.e., Athens vs. Sparta). It wasn't any kind of unified empire until the time of Alexander the Great, and just a few hundred years after that, they were swallowed up by the Roman empire. I don't see how ancient Greece can be said to have lasted 1000 years as a nation.

Cultures are longer lasting than political entities. AFAIK Greek culture hung around in a more or less recognisable form to the present day - Lawrence Durrell (IIRC) talks about meeting a peasant somewhere in the Aegean who told him the story of how St Dionysius discovered wine, which was identical to the legend recorded by some other bloke 2000 odd years earlier of how the God *Dionysus* discovered wine. Apparently back in the early days of Christianity the cult of Dionysus was so strong and so resistant to evangelism that eventually they had to make the bugger a saint just to get the lads on their side.

I'm scared that the President will trump. Hope that this translates.

Marburg virus, Ebola, Rabies, HIV, Smallpox, Hantavirus, Dengue Fever all brought to you by god - who cares for us and loves us all Censored
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03-03-2016, 03:29 PM
RE: I'm scared Trump will be president
(02-03-2016 01:49 PM)morondog Wrote:  
(02-03-2016 01:42 PM)Commonsensei Wrote:  Babylonan Empire ruffly 2000 years

Ancient Greece 1000

Rome 500 years.

Current US 240 years.

So if the steady decline is right we have 10 more years. Just long enough for Drumpf to bring us to our knees.


Your argument is invalid Tongue

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Plato
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