I'm scared i'm going to hell for being "me"
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20-02-2017, 03:07 PM
RE: I'm scared i'm going to hell for being "me"
(20-02-2017 12:09 PM)Stevil Wrote:  
(19-02-2017 12:07 PM)Midnightstar Wrote:  and why i won't burn but that's probably me over thinking and i'm known for over thinking.

Think about this. Why do we punish people, why do we lock them up?

I think we lock people because they are a threat.

Are trans people a threat?
If there was an all powerful god, would anyone be a threat to that?
There would be no need for punishment or hell. Unless the god enjoyed torturing people.Why limit torture to trans people, why not just torture everyone?

Good point, i guess not just including atheism but "Anything" making people question can become one of them threats. See sometimes its comments like this that make me click 2 things together and then fear fades. Thanks Big Grin
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20-02-2017, 03:11 PM
RE: I'm scared i'm going to hell for being "me"
I must have been about 6 or 7 when a priest told us kids that god would take what's dearest to us if we sin. Many of us kids spent weeks or even months fretting over the wellbeing of their relatives. Then I came to a different rationale. If god was all forgiving, he wouldn't be such a prick. If he wasn't, the whole story is bullshit. That line of though laid the foundation to my atheism.

Also, make yourself aquainted with Hel. Germanic goddess and place. Hel simply was the underworld, where dead people go in their mythology. Notice some similarities to the word Hell? It comes from there. We all come from that kind of mythology since our distant ancestors believed in that. Even if we're of Greek ancestry, there's still Hades. The mythological underworld for the dead. Not a desirable place but also not one for punishment.

That's where the christian concept of hell comes from with additional elements of torture.
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21-02-2017, 10:54 AM
RE: I'm scared i'm going to hell for being "me"
(19-02-2017 08:23 PM)Paleophyte Wrote:  
(19-02-2017 12:07 PM)Midnightstar Wrote:  While i'm seriously hoping who i am as a person isn't going to turn into a debate

No worries. First of all the Personal Issues and Support section is a safe zone. See the Code of Conduct at the entrance to this section. Anybody being judgemental in here will face the wrath of Mod. The whole point of this section of the forum is that you can seek help without that sort of rubbish.

If it's being transgender that you're worried about, don't. Even if this wasn't a protected area you wouldn't have a problem. There are a few other members of the forum who are trans, some of the long-time members who are well-liked. You can read the threads below where they came out. It was a non-issue, which is the way it ought to be.

If it's being religious (are you?), then don't. If you haven't preached at us then we're all good. We have a few resident theists who are very cool people and any number of jack-ass atheists who have been shown the door so fast it blew their hats off. Whether you're an interesting person matters a whole lot more around here than what you do with your Sunday mornings.

Regardless, I can't imagine this becoming a debate about you even if there wasn't a ban-hammer hanging over the doorway.

I understand that but i have been on a ton of websites and often times moderation becomes a power play so i'm not very trusting of websites rules as I've seen things said and never done fairly. It would take a lot of trust for me to ever feel safe with someone saying oh don't worry we got a ban hammer. But i can say at least they are giving effort to not have issues be created. I'm not concerned about it being a debate about me i was concerned about the topic being one that could create debate about this topic, anyways i do get what you're saying and i do appreciate the advice i just don't know what to say to the other part i'm not able to think clearly at the moment but not due to this.
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21-02-2017, 04:50 PM
RE: I'm scared i'm going to hell for being "me"
I know that some forums enforce the rules arbitrarily or favour one group. That hasn't been my experience here. But by all means, do what a good skeptic should do and examine the evidence. This section and the Recovering from Religion subsection have quite a few threads similar to your own. Have a browse through them and come to your own conclusions. You may well come across some posts that are helpful to your problem while you are at it.

In other sections of the forum this topic might create some small debate but probably not much. Many of the members here have deconverted from devout backgrounds and can understand your plight all too well. Few of us believe that hell exists but none of us would argue that the concept of hell doesn't cause the sort of suffering that you are enduring.

If you had told us that we were all going to hell then this would be a very different conversation. You haven't done that. In fact you seem to be a reasonably decent person in need help with some of the more repellent teachings of evangelical Christianity. I hope that you'll forgive me but I'm just not seeing what there is to debate. Wink

Flesh and blood of a dead star, slain in the apocalypse of supernova, resurrected by four billion years of continuous autocatalytic reaction and crowned with the emergent property of sentience in the dream that the universe might one day understand itself.
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