I may need some help (trigger warning: talk of suicide)
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03-12-2012, 04:07 PM
I may need some help (trigger warning: talk of suicide)
About a month ago, a friend and I had a long argument about how a person had the right to do what they want to their body; tattoo's, piercings, mutilations like cutting or professional scarring, and even suicide. I was of the position that, no I don't like it, and I don't think that a person SHOULD hurt or kill themselves, but that there shouldn't be anything in place stopping them. It's a grown person's right to do what they want to themselves as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of other people.

I do feel that way. Wholeheartedly, which makes this next bit strange.

He's struggled with suicidal thoughts before, back in grade school. And I'm so glad he never put anything more than thoughts into the idea because he's an awesome dude. But a few hours ago he sent me a message saying that he's been thinking about it again. On the positive side, he says he wants to do it a certain way and will have to order things off the internet, so there's going to be a while for him to change his mind, but I don't know that he will. He's been going through some stuff lately, bringing out old traumas with psychologists and psychiatrists and it's been making him steadily worse in the mental wellness department.

If he does decide to go through with it, he's a 22 year old adult, there's nothing I can do but respect his choice. Things aren't as bad as they were when he was thinking about it the first time, but I think mentally he's in a worse place.

He said that it was hypocritical for him to tell me he was having these thoughts and planning it out. Why was it hypocritical? Does he want me to talk him out of it? Does he want to see if I'll go back on it? Should I try and convince him not to? I mean, I want him to live, I want him to stay alive but is that just selfishness on my part? Wanting him to stick around for me? He often tells me I'm not only his best friend but his only real friend, his family has practically all abandoned him, both physically and mentally, and the number of people he talks to regularly are me and his therapists, equaling three.

I may not need help after all. But if anyone has any advice for me on how to deal with this sort of situation... I'd appreciate it. I've talked a friend out of immediate suicide before, he was having difficulties in his life at that moment, but this situation is long term and completely different.

Thanks for reading,
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I may need some help (trigger warning: talk of suicide) - RexyRexaw - 03-12-2012 04:07 PM
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