I need your help and advice on my gay relationship with a christian
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18-11-2011, 05:28 AM
Rainbow I need your help and advice on my gay relationship with a christian
Dear fellow human beings,
I am an Atheist from Germany living in The Philippines since nearly 2 years. It has been a long development and fight to reach to where I am as an Atheist, after discovering that humanity is the only reliable reality and faith is just a told truth by religious peoples based on no evidence and reason; thus just a belief and not a fact.
Some time ago I met my present partner, and knowing that I am in a country where catolicism is around 80%, the chance of meeting such a person would be high. Quit fast my love for that person grew and I felt that I was really deep in love and nothing could take my thoughts from that person.
Luckily he has never shown to be an aggressive christian or even militant and I have stated my point of view a view times and mainly religion is not a topic when together.
Yet I know we are planning to build up a future together and next year we are planning to move together.
I am really in need to get neutral advice from peoples.
I am quit tolerant, but for example when he tells me he goes to church it strikes me inside and I get sad and depressed, knowing that he is going somewhere where gays are disliked, although they claim here that they accept gays but not the gay marriage, yet all of us know that the churches have to move with the law of the country. And as being gay in The Philippines is legal they can't really go against it, or th[/color][/font]ey may loose members. I know that in countries where homosexuality is illigal and the catholic church is somehow strog, their toungue sounds different and you can hear the antipacy towards gay peoples.
For moral advise he doesn't need to go to church as we also know that most crimes in the world are committed from religious peoples. So left is the god issue, but I know that peoples can have that beliefe even without going to a church. Anyway as a child I also believed in Father Christman or the Easter Bunny.
I would be very thankfull to receive your replies here, as answeres can only be given by human beings and not through prayers to any man made up goddes.
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