I really dont like the way Britain is going.
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09-02-2015, 06:32 PM (This post was last modified: 09-02-2015 06:36 PM by The Germans are coming.)
I really dont like the way Britain is going.
So i guess most of you people noticed this:


Of course to the libertarian warriors of somali freedom, taxdoging cunts are some mysterious freedom warriors, so i wont even bother starting anykind of "debate" with some pansy fuck dentists son who never worked a day of his life until mumy had funded him through college.

Thing about this scandal is, we know the people who evaded taxes, and we know the people who created the shemes and provided the services that made it so easy to evade taxes.

I read the papers on a regular basis and I can say with certainty that as a result of this scandal, tax doging assholes aswell as banking cunts who helped set up this mess are currently being charged, trialed and even sentenced in courts in Germany and France.

And there is only one country in all of Europe that hasnt prosecuted any of their tax evaders and crooked bankers: The UK.

I am not some left wing fanatic moron who thinks financial industries should be completly abolished.
But from all the things I read about economies and learned about economies and got lectured by economists the one thing that always stood out for me is: "A diverse economy is the strongest!".

We know that from historic examples. The big state owned UK economy of the 1970s collapsed because it wasnt diverese enought and basicaly had nothing but one giant bloated puplic sector.
Historicaly diverse economies that have big share of each possible sector and can rely on a big manufacturing, inferstructure, financial, agriculture and possible public sector to keep the national economy a float are the most stable since if one thing gets into trouble - the others still stay strong. Best examples being Japan and Germany.

So what is it with the UK?

Well it`s economy is essentialy nothing more but a bloated financial district and the surfs who suck the cocks of the people who run it.
There is no "made in Britain". The cars made there are scarce and made in german owned factories, merely because of liscence agreements. The Brits completly dismanteld their manufacturing industry during the 1980s and built a massive financial services sector together with a service sector that has no purpose other than serving the financial sector and having it`s well being depends on it.
How long do you expect this to go good? The only people in the UK who currently seem to have even a shred of a clue about what they are doing are the Scots.
Who through free education and incentives managed to build a new IT and science based sector that is quickly moving towards creating a strong "Made in Scotland industry" that produces actual things and not mere shareholds in off shore companies linked to some shoddy dealings with real estate all of which is hidden up a dirndels ass in Switzerland.

I would like to mention this, because the last time countries relied to much on financial services sector economies, it really didnt end to well.
Most European countries introduced laws after 2008 restricting the dealings of the financial service sector to something reasonable.
But the UK has gone all Casino with the exception of Scotland. And considering that the financial services sector, essential is the only thing in the UK economy, I cant help but fear, that now after this long period of recession and shit the greeks had enought of, it`s the Brits who will go and ruin everything again....

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09-02-2015, 08:29 PM
RE: I really dont like the way Britain is going.
The US has done fuck-all about this too. They had HSBC dead to rights a few years ago. They were laundering money for Mexican drug cartels, rogue nations like Iran, and middle eastern terrorist groups (so, basically al queda) and they got a slap on the wrist. They gave up 4 weeks of revenue and their senior compliance people had their bonuses "partially deferred".

The French broke out the guillotines for less than this.

For all the talk about Obama and how he was going to bring back the rule of law, what a joke.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss -- The Who

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10-02-2015, 12:24 PM
RE: I really dont like the way Britain is going.
Money talks....
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10-02-2015, 03:55 PM
RE: I really dont like the way Britain is going.
I have to say that having lived in both the US and UK, my perception is that the US is far better at this than the UK. Here in the UK, we're great at having enquiries and inquests, crap at getting to any substantial findings, let alone holding people to account. I put it down to a unique British mix of corruption and incompetence.

At least in the US, between some regulators with actual teeth (e.g. FTC), the FBI and District Attorneys with political ambitions, some of the scum are "banged up".

"I don't mind being wrong...it's a time I get to learn something new..."
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