I think God's in Hell
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17-07-2011, 07:25 AM
RE: I think God's in Hell
Perhaps the Deists are right, their god made the universe, quickly saw that it was badly flawed, and decided to leave it and make another that was better and all his attention is there. LOL!

An all powerful, all knowing being would no need to create a universe because he/she/it would already know what the outcome would be an would not need to actually create it.

“There is no sin except stupidity.” Oscar Wilde
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17-07-2011, 07:07 PM
RE: I think God's in Hell
Ah the Dr. Manhatten argument. I like it. Most realistic portrayal of god yet.

I like to think instead that god is completely insane and ridiculously bored. The only god I can imagine with the world the way it is, would be some dude up in the sky who is so bored he comes up with this plan to create existence for all of us just to fuck with our shit.

He makes us, then makes up a whole bunch of contradictory rules at first to watch us squirm, he also made evil so we would have a choice, but then he also made evil easier and way more fun so it would draw us in. He also made good boring and square so that genuine good people wouldn't be able to defend themselves against the genuinely evil people thus making for a better show. Not to mention he restricts sex... which is just dirty pool.
Then he got bored again because lots of people were ignoring him, having gotten bored themselves. So he decides to make a whole bunch of different religions all worshipping him, with only minor variations just to make them seem different. Then he adds that they are all the one true religion and to prove that they love him they must kill all heretics. Then he rubbed his hands together and said "let there be blood" all the while laughing and cheering. He hasn't changed the game much because it's still entertaining him, although he must have decided that the weather was too nice as well because this is the shittiest summer ever.
One serious bastard. Literally if the creator is to be believed.

"I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive human being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moments." -Jim Morrison
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24-07-2011, 01:17 AM
RE: I think God's in Hell
(16-07-2011 12:18 AM)GirlyMan Wrote:  So I'm thinking what it might be like to know everything, see everything, hear everything, be capable of doing anything but can't (or won't, same thing) act - for whatever reason, free will, pact with the devil, whatever. That's gotta be like hell.

Yes, the total knowledge, perfection sceenario really comes across as total unremitting boredom. Eternity is a one hell of a long time.
Do the atheistic buddhists perhaps have anything in their reincarnation notion?
Not a lot, but maybe something?~~~~~Mr WoofWink
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