I will debate any atheist on here
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21-07-2015, 12:08 AM
Rainbow RE: I will debate any atheist on here
Regarding Biogenesis, I have no doubt that the building blocks promoting life will be found. I also have no doubt that the earlier primordial soup, will be simulated and created to eventually create some kind of life. But even if we found a Holy Cookbook with the recipe for life written in glowing gold, all we could surmise is that it COULD have happed that way. We can never know that it DID happen that way.

Over a relative small amounts of time, even the tiniest amount of changes can create the Burj Khalifa (Dubai). Over a longer period, the Pyramids, mountains, civilizations, etc. Over billions of years, the odds of an amino acid interacting with another, to produce a single cell or virus, does not seem so great a stretch.

The Multiverse Hypothesis, like the String Hypothesis are mathematical apparitions, used, like God, to balance an equation for the Theory of Everything. But, this can never, ever be tested or verified, because the power of the Universe would be necessary to prove that the Multiverse or Multi-dimensional Strings, exists. Just as we can never be certain of the position and momentum of a sub-atomic particle, we can't be certain that the very act of observing, doesn't change what we observe. This is the fundamental problem in Quantum Mechanics. In the quantum world, particles collide with each other and produce different outcomes. The act of observing or measuring will change that outcome. Therefore, any observation or measurement would only be correct for that outcome. Generally speaking, in the quantum world, there is no consistent way to prove what the IT is that exists. It is truly a world of probabilities.

I feel that there are too many real human issues out there that should be addressed and focussed on. These issues have far more impact on our day to day lives then pontificating religious dribble. Shell Heart
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