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18-02-2015, 04:02 PM
Sam Harris posted the Atlantic article on FB and I read the entire article. The US is in a rock and a hard place. Perhaps invading other countries searching for WMD or liberating the people being murdered was necessary, perhaps it was not. Of course none of this matters now and perhaps our actions before now would have never mattered anyway.

Don't kid yourself. You can't ignore that when following the Koran fundamentally conversion, enslavement, or elimination of every non-muslim is the end goal. PERIOD. The moderate Muslims clearly have no say so. It's in the book! You can't argue with what the fucking book says. You are either Muslim or you are not. Moderates shouldn't exist. These hundred's of thousands or even millions of fundamental Muslims are true Muslims which is what I said weeks ago regarding my "Religious moderates are the issue" threads. The fundamental followers are actually more accurate when following the words of their gods to paradise. Moderate Muslims had their chance to be more secular for years but chose to enable the Fundamentalist by not labeling them psychopaths and disassociating when they had the chance. It's far too late for that now.

I believe in peace, love, and harmony. Be kind to everyone as they are someones Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, etc., and hurt is unnecessary as is being cruel. John Lennon had it right with his message to the world with "Imagine". I write songs all the time and most of which are intended to promote the same messages or spark interest to look deeper for compassion and into our dangerous tendencies and archaic beliefs. Having said that you cannot lie to yourself to say this will all just go away without having to compromise your integrity. Since when do the good guys with compassion for others when a dog fight against outrageously in-compassionate irresponsible murderers? Sometimes war is necessary. Imagine being attacked by aliens from another planet. Would war be necessary? Why is this any different? The more territory they compromise only strengthens their numbers and the brutality is doing wonders for their campaign. They are building an economy and society controlled by fear and intimidation... something unfortunately compassion can never do. We need to realize we are still just smart monkey's only removed from our primal days recently where murdering for survival was a daily necessity. They have channeled their inner killer for what they believe is a spot in paradise. Ideologically many of us on this board are out of practice and don't like violence. That's admirable... but if survival becomes a question at all we should all be willing to summon our inner primal instincts to destroy our enemy and accept the backward step for humanity as a necessary sacrifice.
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