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10-07-2012, 10:53 PM
I'm thinking she must have been new to your area or something. Strange that a single woman who didn't know English would arrive. Normally they go along in pairs for safety and... well, sometimes language barriers.

Usually just telling them you don't care for them to come to your home any longer and to please not come back again will make them go away. They're supposed to make notations for when a household has no desire to speak with them on any given circuit. If they show up again, hopefully someone will speak English and you can tell them this. And hopefully they'll listen and leave you be.

Or, you could do like I do. I tell them, "Oh, hello. I really would invite you in, but, you see, I'm an apostate. You all won't want any association with me anymore. You probably ought to just move on then. Have a good day!" They smile awkwardly and walk away. I'd tell them I'm disfellowshipped, but I never got baptized, so that's not exactly true. The apostate thing, though... Yep. That's another kryptonite to them!
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