Ideas Needed For A Memorial
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03-01-2015, 01:32 AM
Ideas Needed For A Memorial
Two years ago a much loved icon at Oakland's North Field passed away, Lou Fields, whose flight school across more than 60 years filled a sizable percentage of left seats on the US west coast. A group of us have come up with an excellent memorial idea, but need some direction from experts.

Rather than the usual bronze bust, which no matter where we station it few people would ever see it, we've decided to cover the entire east end wall of the North Field's largest hangar with a photo-mosaic portrait of Lou, made up of hundreds or thousands of photos of Lou and his school from all those years. That would be a portrait 50 feet by 40 feet - not something passed without noticing.

Technical questions:

1. What's the best photo-mosaic software? Software that can accommodate dissimilar sizes (and even shapes) of photos would be preferable.

2. What sort of tiles could the photos be rendered on that would be weatherproof, fade-proof, yet lightweight, so that 40 feet by 50 feet of them fastened to the corrugated exterior wall won't introduce significant structural issues?

3. How would the photos be rendered onto the tiles? Computer generation of some kind would be a must.

4. Could it be accomplished for less than $10K?

Thanks very much for any ideas!
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03-01-2015, 01:57 AM
RE: Ideas Needed For A Memorial
Just a few thoughts, in case they hadn't occurred...

1. You need mosaic software that will print single pictures onto single tiles....not normal (they usually print all pictures onto single page).
2. "Lightweight" could also mean "flies away in breeze": have you considered a structure that would take the load of heavier tiles, but take the load off the wall?
3. Photos can be rendered onto anything these days (inc. cakes), but if you want something hard wearing that'll last more than 10 years, glazed ceramic would seem best. But then each would be a custom job, raising the overall cost.

If you've got answers to these, great - I'm just being "god's advocate" to help critically assess your plans.

"I don't mind being's a time I get to learn something new..."
N.B: I routinely make edits to posts to correct grammar or spelling, or to restate a point more clearly. I only notify edits if they materially change meaning.
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