If you had a Genie
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02-02-2011, 07:40 PM
RE: If you had a Genie
(02-02-2011 05:47 PM)DoE Wrote:  not all forms of immortality. actually the hourai elixir is something of a punishment, designed with the heat death of the universe in mind. (Within the fictional laws touhou is subject to of course, but then of course we are allowing fictional laws, the starting premise is a genie)

the elixir creates a volume of reality, sized and shaped exactly to contain you. Inside that area belief is literally the defining law and a self enforcing prophecy. as long as you are aware of your own existence you will live and be unable to fall unconcious. The only way yo stop being aware of your own existence is for pain to completely overide your conciousness. However so long as your mind exists in the past before it was blanked by the pain it will be used to reconstruct you once the pain subsudes. It exists to force the drinker to experience the heat death of the universe, so as long as there is time or there once was time youre kinda stuck with it.

and yes, it explicitly puts you beyond the influence of 'mundane' physics

In the words of my idol Julius Caesar... Sounds like a shit deal to me :/

Then again, you might learn to enjoy it, after a few million years you would probably forget everything except that you exist.

Hey brother christian, with your high and mighty errand, your actions speak so loud, I can't hear a word you're saying.

"This machine kills fascists..."

"Well this machine kills commies!"
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03-02-2011, 01:24 AM
RE: If you had a Genie
yeah its a terrible deal.

Objectively i cant imagine why it attracts me so
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