If you're having a bad day.
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08-01-2014, 01:44 AM
If you're having a bad day.
So we just passed blue Monday, a day researchers have deemed the overall most depressing day of the year statistically. Also, many in North America have been having shitty weather, and shitty weather (judging by the many threads and dozens of posts) can cause for physical pain, gloominess and misery.

Anyway... I saw this spoken-word artist a couple years ago, Shane Koyczan. He was the single live performance that sent the most shivers one gets with live music (Mmm, dopamine!).

I thought I'd share. The video has slight religious influence (not the words themselves, the vid was done by some youtube guy I think), but just soften any armed and militant thoughts on that and embrace.

(PS it's really over the top, so if it's not your thing, carry on grumpy Shy )

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