"Ignorance is Bliss" - Armageddon Style
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19-12-2012, 06:42 PM
RE: "Ignorance is Bliss" - Armageddon Style
(19-12-2012 03:07 PM)poolboyg88 Wrote:  I think strongly that factual information always takes precedent over false information. Even in small matters, and "white lie" scenarios. I hate having to warp reality in order to cater to someone's emotional state (but I do, despite not wanting to). In any case...
I think you re wrong. It may not be clear what is the best decision in your case, but i can construct a case where telling and believing false information is clearly beneficial.

For example:
you live on an island in extremely religious tribe where they re killing everyone who doesnt believe flying spaghetti monster(fsm). You re unable to escape and they test everyone with lie detector, so lying is inefficient Tongue. You have 2 options:
1. you dont believe in fsm and they kill you
2. you believe in fsm and continue to live a reasonably happy life, moreover you re awarded with lots of money, food and women, because you have the biggest dick in the tribe which makes you a son fsm according to their beliefs Bowing

So unless you re suicidal second option looks far better. Consider

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