Ignoring victims of child abuse?
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31-03-2014, 06:36 PM
Ignoring victims of child abuse?
In Germany we are currently going through a scandal surrounding the social democratic politician Edathy, who is being investigated by the police on charges of owning child pornography.

Today I read an interview with Adrian K├Ârfler, the representative of an organisation of abused children. In which he gives his point of view on the current crisis and how the public and politics is handling cases of sexual abuse of children.

In that interview he sais that the medie is to much reporting on the abusers themselves in a sensationalist way, rather than focusing on the victims of child abuse and the issue of protecting children.

He also states that the victims of child abuse are often neglected, pointing out that the German investegative commision collecting accounts on the recently reveailed catholic child abuse scandal is being increasingly ignored and almoust shut down. He also says that representatives of victim organisations are often not takes seriously by politicians, public and media and sometimes even treaded as if they had a "contractable disease".

I do in fact feel that he is right concerning this issue here and in various other places on the continent. The media here and in the UK does indeed focuse more on reporting sensationalist and often really disgustingly voyeuristic stories on the abusers, rather than giving any attention to victims and support groups. There are also countries like Italy where nobody seems to be listening to victims of child abuse at all and Spain where the catholic church might even prevent such revalations as in the rest of Europe due to it`s tight grip on politics and the countries institutions. What comes to mind to me also is outright hypocracy like in the Daily Mail, a horrific British Tabloid which keeps printing headlines on how garstly pedophiles are whilest also printing pictures of 14 year old girls in bikinis with captions such as "she is growing up fast". A paper whos editor should in my mind be charged with distributing child pornography by the British legal system. It also strikes me how the media intensly and in such a garstly voyeuristic way covers all cases of sexual child abuse, whilest ignoring most violent child abuse.

Yet there seems to have been progress elsewhere here. Ireland which practicaly didnt even have such a thing as a seperation of church and state has spectaculary kicked the catholic church out of it`s state institution and shredded it`s credibility as a moral voice in the nation. Not suprisingly considering that Ireland was the country with probably the worst cases of child abuse by catholic clergy.

Also, the US seems to have cracked down hard on the criminals and the public, political class and the catholic clergy itself seems to be very sincere about resolcing the issue and achieving justice (at least for the most part). An opinion I came to when seeing various reports from the US such as this one:

And I may want to add, I did find some rather appauling opinions on various forums about the subject of child abuse, which doesnt just extend to sexual abuse but the extensive use of violence against children. I found braindead jokel halfwits defending such actions aswell as supposed liberals defending those kinds of halfwits.

I take great interest in the subject because I was myself not sexualy but violently abused as a child through beatings that went to an extent that almoust got me killed when I was 14 years old. Not by my parents but by other adults, people who were supposed to take care of me and outright sadists. And I have to say that the most disturbing thing for me living with this expirience is an existing notion in some comunities that the violent abuse of a child is something deemd as acceptable and part of the social order. And when one goes to describe the horror of the situation, people do not take you serious. I was 21 when my own parents started to believe me and 22 when I finaly found people to talk with about this.

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31-03-2014, 06:54 PM
RE: Ignoring victims of child abuse?
In my delirium of no sleep for who knows how many hours, I am reading this and trying I understand.
I don't think victims need media attention. They need community attention. They need doctors and counselors and therapists and neighbors. They need a community to step in and "rescue" them and love them and keep them safe. Media attention IMO does nothing to help a victim, but generally actually ends up exploiting children.

Abusers, hell yes. Media attention for abusers. We (the world over)need to stop being so effing PC though. No exceptions for the rich or the powerful. If a person abuses a child print their face in newspapers titled worthless child abusing POS

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