In a world without suffering would religion exist?
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22-11-2013, 02:50 PM (This post was last modified: 22-11-2013 03:04 PM by Raptor Jesus.)
RE: In a world without suffering would religion exist?
Are there questions we need answers for, and do we suffer for not knowing them?

Unfortunately, suffering is a necessary part of sentience. It’s not really there for a “purpose”, but as a byproduct of awareness. Awareness itself serves no “purpose” either, other than to better aid in the survival of the organism it resides in. It’s why jellyfish aren’t conscious, whereas birds are. Jellyfish, arguably, don’t suffer. I saw one washed up on the beach, stranded on the sand. It was still pulsating as though it believed it was still in the ocean, swimming, looking for plankton. I’m being misleading by saying it “believed” it was doing these things, as it has no awareness. It doesn’t need it to live. It just interacts with its environment in a way that best preserves its life, in the conditions it is suited for. It has no, comparatively, complicated set of task it need carry out in order to achieve this.

We do, our set of task needed to be carried out by this human organism is quite complex. Where a jellyfish acts the same in water or on sand, humans have the ability to sense that we are drowning in water, and a nice dry beach is much more ideal, and to make a choice about which task to carry out. This is suffering. Suffering makes sure we get out of dangers we find ourselves in and avoid dangers that could come, makes sure we eat when we are hungry, search for food when we don’t have it, find a mate, to continue the species, or slip on sandals to go out and grab the paper because the asphalt is rough on our feet.

Some animals don’t suffer because they don’t know why they exist. I doubt it ever crosses my dog’s mind. That’s a certain kind of suffering my dog doesn’t have. The “why” questions. As such, he makes no effort to resolve them. Well, he wonders why I feed the other dog first before him, and feels suffering over that, as minimal as that is. But the bigger question of “God”, religion, no…he doesn’t care. Belief in “God” in religion is a suffering of a sort. The question of “why” is a suffering question for knowledge, or suffering to eliminate that lack of knowledge. We may call it motivation, or drive, but it’s a low level suffering that tells us we are that jellyfish on the beach, understand it, and now maybe figure out what to do about it.

Thus, science and religion. One of them still leaves a sense of suffering for truth, the other answers so many questions and alleviates suffering, while crating new questions to process thus leaving us searching for more truth. I'll let you guess which is which. I think, without suffering we would be jellyfish, no religion, and no need for science, no consciousness. Not suffering creating consciousness, but consciousness creating suffering as a tool to function. A mind without suffering only exist in a mind without sentience, no mind at all. Just jellyfish, mindlessly floating through life.

Short answer..."no"

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