In defence of our child
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14-04-2013, 05:38 AM
In defence of our child
On Friday evening (NZST), Sean Faircloth spoke at a public seminar in Wellington, New Zealand, hoping to bring together the secular movement in New Zealand and internationaly. If this seminar is anything to go by, he is suceeding.
Even though New Zealand does pretty well, we do have threats to our secular society. Learn more.
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14-04-2013, 05:44 AM (This post was last modified: 14-04-2013 05:52 AM by DLJ.)
RE: In defence of our child
Bugger. I'll be in Wellington at the end of the month.

Piss-poor timing as usual.

Good to know that he's going international.


ps It said "three times as many as expected". How many were expected? 5?

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14-04-2013, 08:36 AM
RE: In defence of our child
Well this would have been more helpful last Sunday..
Could have actually gone.

Fuck me, he even spoke at MY lecture hall where I have all my university lectures... WTF! Why does nobody tell me this shit?
3 times the amount of expected people would have been a squeeze, it's not a big lecture hall...

Mmmhmmm, you can't mention religion in this country without bringing up Destiny Church and Brian "I'm a fucking waste of space cock sucking vial piece of shit" Tamiki.
Yea, when I herd on the news that Destiny Church was planning to open their own exclusive schools for Destiny Church members, I don't think I have ever negatively reacted to anything on the TV as I did that day, certainly never screamed so much at a TV as I did then.
Destiny Church is an infectious, vial, puss fulled plague on this country, and that FUCKTARD!!! Brian Tamiki needs to be skinned alive and rolled down a fucking huge pile of fucking salt and then strapped to an ant hill in the scolding heat and left to fucking rot and be eatten alive. Fuck Woof rotting eternally in Hell. Hell, is too good for that piece of shit.

Fuck yes younger generation. I can't fucking wait for the census results come November. They're the first census results we've had since way back in 06' (or 07, can't remember) and even back then the no religion group was 30 something percent with people my age, (now late 20's, early 30's) being at 50% no religion. I can't fucking wait for those results to show no religion as the dominate group in this country, I am going to get a fucking pavlova and celebrate that shit when it does.

Fuck Bill English, that guy is a fucking economic genius but he fails horrible as everything else. He should stick to doing what he's good at, balancing the books, and stay the fuck out of everything else. He ran for Prime Minister back in the day and National (the party) received it's lowest ever percentage of votes.
And John fucking Banks is a creationist!!!!!!!! WTF!!!! I always new something was fucking off about that cunt. he and his shitty fucking party can go to fucking hell. Thank god ACT (his party) is not going to get a single fucking seat next election, at least it better fucking not! A CREATIONIST!!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY PARLIAMENT!!! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING MY COUNTRY!!! FUCK OFF!!
And fuck Colin Craig, that religious cunt can go to fucking hell too!! My old religious flat mate, who's into politics, had a meeting with that fucktard about joining his party for the next election. He thinks, and I agree, that Colin Craig's conservative party will be the next ACT party, aka National's right hand bitch party. Too many old people in this fucking country would vote for him. Winston fucktard Peters needs to get his shit together and win the grey power over more, that is his fucking specialty afterall. Work your fucking magic Peters!! (fun fact, I've shaken that fucktards hand). I'd rather see NZ First get the votes over Conservative party, even though NZ First sides with fucking Labor who can also go to hell. Why the fuck can't the god damn Greens just side with National and make me fucking happy!?!? Can't fucking win in this country, it does my head in.
(sorry, politics is my other passion)

Fucking too right, where the fuck do I sign up?
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