Incest, bestiality, and cannibalism
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25-08-2017, 08:42 AM
RE: Incest, bestiality, and cannibalism
Ooh, quasi-rape jokes. How tasteful. Drinking Beverage

"E se non passa la tristezza con altri occhi la guarderĂ²."
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25-08-2017, 11:57 AM
RE: Incest, bestiality, and cannibalism
(25-04-2017 01:05 PM)Thought Wrote:  How do atheists deny these ways of life, or... do you?

1. Incest
On the topic of "love", atheists say as long as two adults are consenting (and some would say if there is also no power play), there is no problem with them being a couple. This argument is often used to support the rights of homosexuals.

If this is the case, can a brother and sister form a sexual relationship in an atheists view? They will of course use contraception as to avoid defective offspring.

2. Bestiality
Also on the topic of "love" I guess? Where is the red line? At what point do we stop this "two consenting adults" game?
Do atheists believe animals cannot consent? Is consent only verbal? Does that mean the only sex that occurs in the animal kingdom is rape, since there is no verbal acceptance of a sexual relationship?

If a woman were to go on her all-fours, and raise her buttocks, as to signal the mating ritual towards a male canine, would this be acceptable in an atheists view? Both are adults, and both are consenting.

3. Cannibalism
Anything wrong with this? If it is cooked right, what is the evolutionary problem according to atheists?


The point is that these activities are not common and are condemned in all modern societies irregardless of what religion they follow.
It is not because of any laws or rules that come from God.
Human beings reach the same conclusions by and large and their superstitions generally reflect that.
So the point is that by subtracting God from the equation you end up with the same morals. They don't come from God. The way that people do things that don't follow basic human instincts about what is morally permissible is by enshrining those actions as religious doctrine.
A person who doesn't believe in God is not devoid of morals.
But a person who bases all of their morality on the will of a God is on very tenuous ground. Take for instance Joseph Stalin. Religious people are always fond of pointing him out as the example of the evils of atheism. But the actual point is that Joseph Stalin was trained to be a priest. All of his education was religious. He was taught that all of his morality came from God. His subsequent loss of faith erased 100% of his morality. He is not an example of an atheist so much as an extreme theist who loses faith. Set adrift.

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26-08-2017, 03:28 PM
RE: Incest, bestiality, and cannibalism
Incest: I have no problem so long as consent is informed and there is no coercion involved, but I would not condone marriage or children due to health concerns for the child. There are certain biological stops that usually prevent incest, so this is pretty rare.

I think the beatiality thing has been answered. Animals can't give informed consent.

On cannibalism, I wouldn't support it as a regular thing. Like no human meat farms and no hunting. But survival cannibalism of the already dead? Or consenting cannibalism? Yeah, I have less of an issue with that.
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