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31-05-2012, 05:18 AM
Moving our daughter out last weekend, loaded up Jax’s work ute (small “truck” for those in the US) with a big couch donated by my boss.

Put a tarp over it as the weather was a little dicey, and one of our cats decided it was a good place to have a nap, how he got under the tarp is a mystery but he’s nothing if not a sneaky devious basted.

Jax was in the ute and I was driving the car in front, caught movement in my drivers’ mirror:

Zipping down the motorway at 100kph and kitty bailed out.

He hits the road at full speed, keeping up his momentum he cuts across three lanes of traffic all doing about 100kph and he somehow makes it to the greenbelt alive where I lose sight of him.

We pulled off and walked back but had no sign of him; he had left the area, and left it at a speed I didn’t think cats could move at!

48hours later, he walks in, cold and wet (the weather had closed in Sat arvo) and looking a little chewed on.

Torn up nose, gash on his head and the pads on his feet are red and sore looking, he’s limping about and spends 20+ hours sleeping but he’s okay, and we’re keeping him on light pain relief and a few other things to help him relax and recover.

I’m impressed with his resilience and pure blind luck! But he’ll be down to his last life or two now so I can only hope he doesn’t repeat his little adventure!

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