Indictment of clerics baffles Florida Muslim community
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27-05-2011, 11:04 AM
Indictment of clerics baffles Florida Muslim community
The Bellingham Herald (Full Article)
May 20, 2011

So old and yet allegedly, so evil.

I think people in the States are surprised by a report like this, because they buy the propaganda that's often promoted about the west's military forces murdering innocent Muslims (and others) in foreign lands, because an offensive strike against a terrorist cell that's ensconced by that enemy on purpose amid the homes of innocent people, is situated just so in the event a surgical strike does take place, it further demonstrates to radicals and their enablers, that the west is blood thirsty and indifferent when committing a show of force.

Now, in the States we have terrorist radicals ensconced in our communities, leading or attending services at Mosques and PC BS says it's not right to even suspect there might be extremists amid that congregation. And yet, what better way to take down an enemy than to penetrate their defenses by finding refuge beneath their inalienable guarantee of freedom of religion? Hide in plain sight. One of the oldest military tactics known to civilized man.

I was watching a PBS documentary a few months ago that featured Islam and a woman who was hoping to lead the documentary film crew into her community, so as to show that not all Muslims are terrorists.

Many of us realize that. However, that the so called moderate Muslims seemingly remain mute while the terrorist radical factions demonstrate and commit horrific violence in the name of that faith, and this can certainly be because the press avoids fair reporting of moderates, it lends the appearance moderates or peaceful Muslims are complicit in their silence.

And that leads many others to arrive at the conclusion that all Muslims are potentially violent, because there aren't any non-violent Muslims standing up and just as ardently defending their peaceful faith as are those who are demonstrating the religion is anything but. And that can very well be because the Koran is replete with verses that advocate violence and murder of non-Muslims. So that those who don't want to risk entering into that fray can be seen as supportive advocates of the violence by remaining silent, because after all it is all according to Allah's word.

In any event this woman attended a meeting of the Mosque leadership so as to voice her concerns about the tenor of the Imam's teachings of late. Saying they were radical and alluding to sponsorship of violence against the American non-Muslim community.
Now sure, her perceptions can be skewed as she makes a subjective observation of what she construes as violent teachings. Especially when she lives in a western community predominantly populated by non-Muslims as her neighbors. However, what was fascinating about this is here's this woman who's elected to dress in the traditional attire of the Hooded Jilbab, calmly voicing her concerns.
To which she is responded to by first dismissive attitudes among both the other men and women attending, who out number her as she's only supported by two other women in her company. And which ultimately culminates with an old woman who violently attacks her but before she can lay hands on, is held back by the man of her group, as she condemns this young woman for daring to say she'll pray for the old woman who has just argued that violent radical teachings are appropriate in these times!

What an eye opener. Here's this old woman, who's lived the faith longer than the young woman who makes the mistake, obviously, of thinking she's entitled to voice her concern about the direction in which the Mosque she's attended since arriving in the city, is going. Claiming as she does, that the Islam she's always known and followed is one of peace, and in response she's outnumbered by those who condemn her words, with violence claiming she has no right to say those things about Islam, the prophet's teachings or god's will.

PC BS tries to tell us we as a people are suppose to be tolerant of everyone in America. That it's wrong and "xenophobic" to think Muslims are to be thought extremists first, until they prove otherwise.
In the meantime, what better way to defeat an enemy of infidels, than to use that tolerance and pandering head in the sand programming that emanates from media programming and thus into the social networks within our community, so as to hide and then strike when least expected?

It's guerrilla warfare 101. PC BS is a newborn, in comparison to that.
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