Indoctrination, and Salvation thru Belief
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19-10-2012, 01:50 AM
Indoctrination, and Salvation thru Belief
I came up with this idea today and I don't think I've ever heard it brought up anywhere that I've seen or heard:
I think most Christians believe that salvation is gained by BELIEVING (not going to get into how ludicrous that whole concept is here), not by works.
Using the Socratic method--
Step 1: Get them to define indoctrination. They would probably admit that anyone of a faith other than their own that seeks to raise a child in that faith would be indoctrinating the child.
2. Get them to agree that Christians are doing the right thing by bringing up a child in the Christian faith. What good Christian would not agree to this?
3. Ask them if, when the child is around 8 or so, does that child actually believe, or is that child indoctrinated, based on their answer to the first question? Actually you probably wouldn't have to use the word 'indoctrinated.' It would be so obvious. An honest person could not call the same method 'indoctrination' for one faith and not for their own.
4. Point out that indoctrination into the Christian faith is just that, and the child does not truly believe, but is indoctrinated. Therefore the child is NOT saved because it is NOT BELIEF.
If Christianity is the one true faith, indoctrination would not be necessary and the child would grasp that when it is old enough to figure it out for itself--no Sunday school needed. If they say are not indoctrinating children, they would have to admit: no Sunday school needed.
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