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Indoor Cat VS Outdoor Cat (and anything else cat)
That's right folks! I am starting a KITTY CAT thread! Clap Laugh out load Cool

For starters:

[Image: cat5.jpg]

[Image: cat7.jpg]

[Image: cat2.jpg]

[Image: cat4.jpg]

[Image: cat.jpg]

[Image: cat6.jpg]

[Image: cat3.jpg]

You should now have a good idea of whether or not you should be here.

First off, I am actually more of a 'dog person'. Just sayin'.

So, this can be for anything kitty, but first I have a question and would like opinions.

What do you think about the indoor option for a cat vs the outdoor? Say a cat that has matured (so not a kitten) has been a primarily or always indoor cat, but then decides it really really wants out all the time. The owners live on a busy street or in a busy neighbourhood. They want to keep the cat in for safety and give it all the toys, treats and love ever imagined. But, the mature consenting cat wants out for adventure of its own.

What is the ethical decision? Safety over want? Or freedom over risk?
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If the cat is brought up indoor, it would be very dangerous for it to go out when it is already older, mature. I prefer my cats to be outdoor, they have been outdoor since they were born, so they learned the dangers of outside world from the beginning.

Indoor cats should have vasectomy, or that other thing, then they would not be so keen on getting out of the house.

I don't like indoor cats, so unnatural...
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We kept our cat indoors for her first two years, outdoors in the UAE is an extremely hostile environment with lots of strays and people who hurt animals for fun.

When we were planning to move back to the real world, we gave her away to a nice lady with a big villa in a good area who eventually coaxed her outdoors and now she's doing fine apparently, even accepting a kitten companion.
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(24-07-2012 02:40 AM)daylightisabadthing Wrote:  We kept our cat indoors for her first two years, outdoors in the UAE is an extremely hostile environment with lots of strays and people who hurt animals for fun.
You know what they say about people like that..

Quote:Cruelty to animals is one of the three components of the Macdonald triad, indicators of violent antisocial behavior in children and adolescents. According to the studies used to form this model, cruelty to animals is a common (but not universal) behavior in children and adolescents who grow up to become serial killers and other violent criminals.
It has also been found that children who are cruel to animals have often witnessed or been victims of abuse themselves. In two separate studies cited by the Humane Society of the United States roughly one-third of families suffering from domestic abuse indicated that at least one child had hurt or killed a pet.

UAE sounds like a real shit hole! sorry... I get pretty angry when I hear about stuff like that.
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Quote:UAE sounds like a real shit hole! sorry...

It might be the worst ever in some cases, but if you look at the petrol price there, you find all sorts of beautiful things as well...
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It is a bit of a shit hole. Nice weather and the biggest anything-money-can-buy but some really crappy, fake people. ...and I've just signed up for another year. Oh well, maybe I'll get out in 2013.
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But, why are you complaining? Just use your time, gather as much money as you can and then leave with all that money. That sure sounds great to me.

Then, you can use that money to get yourself a few kittens and enjoy with kittens all all that money.

[Image: dad86fe4-fe90-4be8-aded-57b5f6f7dceb.jpg]
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Kitteh go outside, way I see it. Of course, there ain't no peeps around here, be pestering the kittehs.

[Image: th_IMAG0433.jpg]

Sleepy Violet.

LJ gonna become Crazy Cat Lady?
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Nice.... a cat thread..... I love pussy Wink

Also a good opportunity to post one of the craziest videos I have seen in my entire life.

What was going through those birds heads????
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Quote:Outdoor cats, even otherwise well cared-for cats, face an extraordinary array of dangers. According to The Humane Society of the United States, free-roaming cats typically live less than five years, whereas cats kept exclusively indoors often live to 17 or more years of age.

I can bring you dozens of expert opinions that say that in today's world cats are screwed outdoors.

My husband was a cat lover and maintained a feral community and I am still taking care of these, in addition to having his 2 house cats. I am more of a dog person but I have also always loved cats.

The ferals are all fixed. They have an old camper to sleep in. I put food in there in the evening, all the cats have learned to go in then. I lock them in over night, otherwise they would live no more than a few months due to raccoons. In the morning I let them out and remove the food. This way they are motivated to go in at night. And I can spot if they are sick and catch them with a fish net and take them to the vet. (they are true ferals, not strays, and want no part of people)

So, even though they spend nights in safety and are well cared for otherwise, I have not seen one get older than 4. The males will stray further and get in fights with other males, get abscesses and 50% die from that. They also pick up mites and other insects that plague them and reduce their viability. Most of them just disappear and there is no telling what happened to them. Once in a while I see one run over on the street.

I have had cats for over 30 years. I used to let them come and go as they pleased and they all died early or just disappeared (cats hide to go to die). Since I decided to leave indoor cats indoors, they get to be between 10 and 15 years old. I always have 2 and they get tons of exercise because they play with each other.

A few generations back it was fine to let cats outside when you lived in the small towns that were the bulk of human population then. Not too many cars, no predators, just the males were a danger to each other because of the death from fighting. Females carried on the species. This is not the case anymore. Outdoors is a hostile environment all around.

The factual answer to whether it's ok to let cats outdoors is a resounding "NO".

And I have to say, you can have the most rational person, basing most decisions on facts, but when it comes to pets they all operate on outdated folklore as to what pets should be kept like. If you love your pets, do your research. If you don't, don't keep animals.
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