Info for anyone interested in the Mafia Games
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31-07-2014, 11:52 AM (This post was last modified: 02-01-2015 06:54 AM by Hughsie.)
Info for anyone interested in the Mafia Games
"What is a Mafia game?"

(Thank you to Ferdinand for allowing me to use her description)

A Mafia game is a forum game that is contested between two opposing sides; the Mafia and the Town, some games may also have one or more Independents.

The idea of the game is that out of all of the players playing, a small group are Mafia, the rest are Townies. The Mafia are aware of who else in the game is Mafia, the Townies are not aware of any other player's affiliations. The goal of the Mafia is to blend in with the Townies, so that they can eliminate all Townies. Mafia win when all Townies are dead. The goal of the Townies is to identify who is Mafia and eliminate them. Townies win when no Mafia remain. Independents act independently of either team, they win when no other players remain.

During the Day phase all players can post in the thread, posting suspicions, accusations and banter. They can also vote to lynch a fellow player, or vote not to lynch anyone. At the end of the phase if one player has more lynch votes than anyone else they are lynched (this means they die and are eliminated from the game). After the Day phase, the game switches to Night phase. The Mafia scheme among themselves and choose one player of their choice to kill, they do this by submitting their choice to the Game Moderator by PM (whoever they kill is also eliminated from the game). Some Townies may have Night Actions of their own, these are abilities that can aid the town and are used by sending a PM to the Game Moderator stating your intentions. Those that don't have a Night Action simply wait throughout the Night until Day Phase commences. The game continues until either all Mafia are dead and the Town wins, or all Townies are dead and the Mafia win. In games with an Independent, the game may end with all Mafia and Townies dying leaving the Independent as the sole victor.

This link contains a flash file that explains how Mafia games work.

This link contains a flash file that explains various roles commonly found in Mafia games.

This link leads to the Mafiascum Wiki

Info for people who are considering joining their first game;

- Firstly, welcome to the Mafia section of TTA forums. We hope you join a game and enjoy yourself playing it.
- Don't be daunted by the thought of playing these games. They appear to be complex when you hear about them but once you start playing you'll find them to be pretty simple and you'll pick them up in no time.
- Sign ups are only open prior to a game starting, and only one game runs at a time. If you wish to join a game then check the Mafia Game Waiting List thread to see if sign-ups are currently open for a game. If sign-ups are not currently open for any games you can see which game is up next and PM the stated Game Moderator for that game and ask to be included and informed once they open the sign-ups.
- Even if you know nothing about a game's theme you can still play the game without it being to your detriment in any way.
- If you would like any further info, or to ask any questions about the games, before you sign up, then please PM either Hughsie, Dark Light, or Revenant77x.

Info for Mafia game players;

- If you sign-up please ensure you do participate in the game. It only takes a few minutes a day to send in a Night Action and post a lynch vote. If you don't have the ten minutes or so required then please consider whether or not to join.
- Please play to win for your team.
- Do not try and affect a game in any way once you are dead. Dead people don't speak. The only exception to this is if you have direct permission from the Game Moderator, usually due to your Role.
- Each Game Moderator is God in their own game, their calls are final and their is no higher oversight to appeal to.
- There is no require for any Game Moderator to accept all people who wish to sign-up. If you have caused issues in a previous game hosted by the Game Moderator then they may decide to prevent you playing their game.

Info for Mafia game hosts;

- If you would like to host a game then please post in the Mafia Game Waiting List thread stating your intention and you will be added to the list.
- Here is a list of roles that may help you in setting up your game.
- If you are hosting for the first time and would like a more experienced co-host to work with you then please PM Revenant77x.
- If you would like to have your game promoted across the forum please PM either Dark Light or Momsurroundedbyboys.
- You have full control of your game and can host it however you want. However, there is no obligation on people to join your games. If people feel you are not a fair host then they may not sign-up for your games.

Mafia Game Terminology;

Game Moderator - The person who is running the game. Their word is final in the game.
Mafia - The Mafia are the "bad guys" and try to kill all the Townies. They are also known as scum.
Townies - The Townies are the "good guys" and try to identify and kill all the Mafia.
Independents - Independents are players who are neither Mafia or Townies and who win by being the last player alive. They may also be known as scum.
Theme - Most games have a theme. The theme is usually a popular TV show, film, game, or book and all players will be playing as a character from the theme. The theme is just to add a bit more depth to the game's narrative and doesn't affect the game mechanics in any way.
Role - Players may be given a role. Each role comes with an ability that can be used to the advantage of the player and/or their team. The ability may be either passive or active.
Phase - Each game consists of phases which will be changed by the Game Moderator at set times. Most games will alternate between Day phase and Night phase. The Day phase is for players to vote on who they want to lynch. The Night phase is for the Mafia to submit their kill to the Game Moderator.
Day Action - An active ability that can be used during the Day phase.
Night Action - An active ability that can be used during the Night phase.
Lynch - Any player lynched is considered dead and out of the game.
Kill - Any player killed is considered dead and out of the game.

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