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Information & Resources
The following are policies that relate to content.

This applies to any images or videos that show nudity or are pornographic in nature. The consequences for posting nudity/pornography are receiving an official warning and, in the event of repeated offenses, your account being banned. It is understood that there is a fine line between art and pornography but, for legal reasons, we make no exception to this policy. The Forum Team and all members are responsible for vigilance.

This applies to all posts that refer to paedophilia, both in the colloquial, and by the dictionary definition. The consequences for making such posts are receiving an official warning and, in the event of repeated offenses, your account being banned. Exceptions are made for posts opposing acts of child molestation, or for members who have been molested and are seeking support. The Forum Team and all members are responsible for vigilance.

Threats of Suicide/Self-Harm
This policy applies to any content containing threats of suicide and/or self-harm posted on the forum. Individuals may endeavor to provide any support they consider appropriate to those who need it without accepting personal liability. Please note, that there is a possibility that the content of the post and the personal details of the author of the post may be passed to a local mental healthcare authority if the Forum Administration deems it necessary. This decision will be based on how legitimate and imminent the Forum Administration considers the threat to be. All members are asked to report such posts to the Forum Team.

Use of Information
This applies to any information you post on the forum or provide to the forum. Please be aware that information posted on the forum is visible to anyone with an internet connection. Also be aware that any information you send via private message (PM) may be revealed by the recipient. Any information you provide to the forum is accessible by the forum Administration only. This is entirely self-regulated. Other forum members are asked to make new members aware of this should they consider that personal information has been unwisely revealed.

Links in an Intro Post
This applies to any links posted by a member in their first post. The consequence for posting an unacceptable link is that the link will be removed. Links will be judged on their relevance to principles of the forum. This will be monitored by the Forum Team during the process of approving first posts.

Links in Signatures
This applies to links (YouTube Channels, Websites and Blogs) in a member's signature. The consequences for posting an unapproved link in your signature are having the link removed and an official warning with continued non-compliance. Links are judged on their relevance to the principles of the forum and the ongoing level of participation of the signatory. We rely on the membership to identify and report unacceptable links.

Spambot Information
This applies to any non-human account. These accounts will be banned (though they will not be recorded in the ban log) and their information will be automatically passed on to the StopForumSpam database. There are no exceptions to this policy. This will be monitored by the Forum Team during the process of approving first posts.

This applies to communication from the Forum Team to the membership regarding openness and accountability. To comply with this there is a Forum Announcements section, containing a Ban Log. Internal day-to-day communication to run the forum, operational information, and information that could risk data security is not shared. Governance regarding transparency is at the discretion of the Administration.

If you are looking for help and support, or just some fun and games, please take a look at these:

Atheist / Agnostic Informational Resource Library - This thread details a plethora of resources for those interested in atheism and/or agnosticism.
Looking for deconversion advice? - This thread is for people looking for personal advice regarding their deconversion.
Personal Issues and Support section - In this section, people can seek support for any personal issues they may have (atheism or non-atheism related) without fear of attack or ridicule. They can also get any issues off their chest.
Help Resources - This thread details organizations who can provide support to people in need in various countries.
The Mafia Section - In this section, people can sign up to play a forum mafia game run by a designated Moderator.

Service Levels
Due to real life commitments, we cannot guarantee levels of service but strive to meet the following timelines:

Approval of new members within four hours - Please be patient and refrain from posting multiple times before your first post appears.
Acknowledgement of requests and suggestions with six hours.
Acknowledgement of reported posts within six hours.
There will be occasions when the forum might be unavailable due to maintenance. We will endeavor to inform the community of projected service outages (when and for how long) twenty-four hours in advance.

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