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28-09-2010, 05:48 PM
Insert Creative First Thread Title Here.
Hello everyone. I'm Steven, but I go by either that or my username, use whichever one you wish.

I'm 17 years of age, an Atheist for just about my entire life (Except a short stint with Christianity that threw my life through a curve that ended with an affirmation of my non-faith)

For the past few years, I was living in an environment where religious views were pretty much accepted (Clarksville, TN, less then ten minutes from a military base). If you were Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, the general attitude was: No one cares. This was the attitude for pretty much everything else too. I like it there.

I have now moved two hours away, to Milan TN. I may as well have moved to the other side of our wonderful blue planet for all the difference. I went from being one peon amongst many to being thrust into the limelight of being, not only the new kid, but a stupidly outspoken atheist the first two days.

There was what the teacher liked to call a "Socratic Discussion" the second day of school. It was meant to be a discussion of philosophy~ it turned into what the only other atheist in the room called an 'interactive sermon'. The teacher, probably trying to include the new guy, kept asking me my opinion. Finally I snapped and said something about how 'incredibly arrogant it is to look at all the beauties of the universe and think "Well, all this had to have been created for my benefit."' That led to me finding out I am quite literally the only Atheist in my English Honors class (The other guy was in AP English).

We have 'Socratic Discussions' every Friday. It's been three weeks. This has actually pushed me further into Atheism, something I've always just sort of accepted without really wondering why. This, in turn, led me here. Hopefully I won't annoy too many of you with my vast ignorance of philosophy and endless questions in an attempt to make myself not a pathetic example of the atheist community >.<
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