Interesting take on 'consciousness'
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10-03-2016, 05:59 AM
Interesting take on 'consciousness'
"(T)he brain doesn’t just model concrete objects in the external world. It also models its own internal processes. It constructs simulations of its own cognition."

From "Most Popular Theories of Consciousness Are Worse Than Wrong" from The Atlantic.

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10-03-2016, 08:27 PM
RE: Interesting take on 'consciousness'
Meh. The writing could have been better. The author took some obviously flawed explanations and was pointlessly hostile toward them for more than half the article. I suppose that's pop science writing for you though.

The metacognitive model isn't exactly novel. It basicly says that consciousness is a pattern recognition engine that's sophisticated enough to recognize itself. That recognition is necessarily distorted and largely superficial. A pattern recognition engine can't describe its entirety any more than a box can contain itself.

Like the explanations that the author derides as "phlegmy", it's simple and intuitive. And like them its almost certainly an incomplete description of a very complex phenomenon. It's pointed in the right direction, though so were some of the other models that the author discarded, but it's just one more piece of a much broader picture.

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