Interview Questions and Answers
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25-11-2014, 06:26 AM
RE: Interview Questions and Answers
(24-11-2014 07:47 PM)Rahn127 Wrote:  On a scale of 1-10, how sad is it that these people have little to no understanding of science and their thoughts are just flat out disturbing. Its like that container you've had in your fridge for months and you open it to find moldy, smelly, disgusting stuff. Its not even food anymore.

These people have let their brains go to rot, because they are closed off from any new information

It is very disturbing. That's the main reason I've decided to talk to different church leaders. Putting together a good argument for how immoral it is to teach people something as fact that has no basis for it. It's night and day when you study the bible, and the history of the bible compared to what you learn in church.

Remember, just because you want something to be true, doesn't make it true. Yes, even if you have faith.
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