Into the Storm v.s. Twister
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22-11-2014, 09:06 AM
Into the Storm v.s. Twister
In 1996, I watched Twister in the theatre at the age of 13. 1996 is the 18th year since the Reform and Opening up of China and the 7th year since 1989 Tiananmen Square. Very rarely did my schools organize students to watch movies together, not even those so-called "Red Movies". Yet 18 years ago I was in the theater, watching what catastrophe twisters can bring, what lengths people would go in chasing fame and gain, what courage us humans can exhibit in the face of nature powers.

This year we have Into the Storm. Having 'experienced' The Day after Tomorrow and 2012, a class 5 perfect storm did seem to appear that intimidating as 18 years ago. The Youtube element in the movie showed that we are still the same bunch of people after fame and gain like 18 years ago. Yet this time we don't even have a storm model or things like that except "this footage may save lives one day".

The movie Into the Storm itself is like a time capsule to me. My life has been quite different from that during the days of Twisters. I have become much more realistic and inherited the spirit of entertainment of this era, just like how the movie has changed.

I kinda wonder what the storm movie would become in another 20 years.

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