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22-05-2011, 06:09 PM
hola mes amis
in from the outlying, i am arrived

[Image: blow.jpg]
23-05-2011, 12:47 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Greetings everyone... I'll make the intro kinda quick, cause I have lots of reading to do. I am loving this forum. The quick and dirty: I've always been an atheist, even before it was cool. I don't hide it either. I've spend over 21 years in public service. I have worked as a US Army Paratrooper, New Mexico State Policeman, USFS Wildland Firefighter, Structural Firefighter /Paramedic. I have been addicted to high speeds, whitewater rafting, action, adventure, travel, dangling from ropes jumping from planes, climbing mountains,, getting lost in canyons and finding my way out over and over again, ect, ect, ect.. I love the wilderness, the Ojito Wilderness in New Mexico is a favorite of mine, as is the Comanche National Grassland in SE Colorado. I have stood in the footsteps of Dinosaurs and loved it. I love the mountains, the desert, the sea. I just got back from a Colorado river trip through the Grand Canyon last week in fact. I enjoyed seeing and touching rocks that were over 2 BILLION years old. very cool. I can't wait to get more involved here.. Cheers!! Big Grin
23-05-2011, 06:33 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hi, everyone--
I'm 59 years old, and I've been an atheist my entire adult life. I've never felt like I had to hide it, even though I live in Texas. I've been fortunate to work in a fairly Ivory Tower sort of situation (university librarian) and most of my friends are, if not nonreligious, at least accepting. I was a member of the Unitarian Church for many years while my kids were growing up, wanting to give them a wide base of religious knowledge from which to choose (they are both still nontheistic Unitarians as adults), but I no longer attend the church for various reasons.

Now retired from my library career, I still read a great deal. My other interests include exercise and dog training. I have a wonderful husband, two great children, an amazing daughter-in-law and son-in-law, and three gorgeous grandkids, as well as the two most beautiful Australian Shepherds in the world. Life is good.
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23-05-2011, 07:48 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hi, I was born with red flags and alarms in my head. Was anyone else born that way too? Anything I hear or read that hints of deception, power over others, or discrimination and hate, sets these alarms off. These religious tactics seem so clear to me, I don't understand why others are willing to follow blindly without question.

I don't think our brains are evolving fast enough to fight this ancient scourge (religion) that's had a 3,000 year head start in stifling intellectual growth and social progress.
23-05-2011, 03:21 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hello everyone!

My name is Martin, I found out your great youtube channel, one thing led to another and a few minutes later - here I am! Before I get to briefly characterize my self, allow me to say this:
Your site is a great support, that I as a christian raised, now self aware atheist, never had. Your content is simply amazing and I can only hope you will get more and more members.
Back to me - I'm 19 years old, Polish guy. I was born in christian family [as stated before] but grew aware fairly quickly. I started asking questions at about 12 and when I was 15 I've officially told my parents - I don't believe in god.
I do a variety of things in my free time. I enjoy body building, strengh training, music, films, books and a whole lotta more.
Well, without getting too specific- hello again, glad to be here.
23-05-2011, 05:42 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
So I wanted to introduce myself without it sounding like a craigslist personals ad. My name is Teresa, I'm 28 years old. I'm currently in the Air Force stationed in Colorado. I have 3 children, no husband or anything like that though. I was actually married in high school but I have been divorced for about 5 years. So a little about my background...I grew up in your sterotypical judgmental christian household, and while I never bought into the whole idea, I kinda played along as a "just in case they are right". In my adult life I have learned to question everything, and once I started to really think about what I claimed I believed about religion, I realized I didn't believe it at all! So for a while I just didn't even think about it, I didn't think about if there was a God or not, about heaven or hell, I just went about living my life. But my coworker who sits next to me lately insits on playing christian freakin radio at work all day and aside from putting me to sleep, it sparked the conversation between us about religion. To make a long story short, I decided I should pick a side, and I'm going with the idea that this "Almightay Gawad" theory is not something I believe to be the truth, so here I am. I have been browsing through it most of the day today and I am excited to share with everyone!
(23-05-2011 07:48 AM)Grace Wrote:  Hi, I was born with red flags and alarms in my head. Was anyone else born that way too? Anything I hear or read that hints of deception, power over others, or discrimination and hate, sets these alarms off. These religious tactics seem so clear to me, I don't understand why others are willing to follow blindly without question.

I don't think our brains are evolving fast enough to fight this ancient scourge (religion) that's had a 3,000 year head start in stifling intellectual growth and social progress.

Born with red flags...let me share with you the story of my first holy communion. In a traditional Mexican faily such as mine, this was a BIG deal, I was 8, my whole family was there, I was in a wedding dress (kinda) and very nervous. The priest put the thingy on my tounge and I drank the juice, and as I was walkng back to the pew I threw up...a lot. My grandmother never let me forget that my body "rejected" the body and blood of christ. That was a pretty big red flag for me, it just wasnt for me lol
23-05-2011, 06:13 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
(17-05-2011 02:41 AM)AdamBoozer Wrote:  Hi everyone I just joined the board. My name is obviously Adam Boozer. I live in 'The Rocket City' Huntsville, Alabama. I run a blog at and I have a facebook at!/B0ozer...1305620610

I was raised in the bible belt, brainwashed from birth to believe in god, ford trucks, Alabama football, and whatever else they thought was appropriate. I cannot put an exact time when I started doubting. I would say when I found about the easter bunny, so four years old. It was not until this year that I was able to recognize that I am atheist. I spent most of my time as agnostic . I am 19 now.

Recently I have been trying to find others like myself. It is terribly lonely being surrounded by republican dogma spouting cavemen. I was already isolated because of my stature and mental capabilities in science and technology. Not to sound hubris or anything merely stating facts. If it makes you feel better I am dyslexic.

The people who helped me realize who I really am in order. George Carlin, My 8th grade history teacher quoting socrates, Darwin, Louis C.K., Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Dainel Dennett, and several other comedians.

I am openly atheist to people. I try and explain why I believe what I do but most of the time I teach people to think for themselves then tell them.

I am headed to the University of South Alabama where I will study E-Commerce while simultaneously doing ROTC to become an USAF Intelligence Officer.

I like what you said about the Easter Bunny. For me is the jig was up with Santa at about 5 yrs. old. My best friend's Xmas presents were all wrapped up and tagged "To Danny, From Santa", whereas mine ewre all setup neatly around the tree, batteries installed and everything! Good luck with college and in the USAF!
I myself am a retired submariner, so I know the sacrifice that the atheist undertakes with military service. I've seen quite a few current and ex-military folk's posts in this blog. If memory serves this post was started by "Soldieringon; active duty Army, stationed in the ROK. If there isn't one already, what do you think about starting a blog on TTA for military folks? We, like you, are typically surrounded by right leanling believers. Drop me a line if you want, Bro

Free at Last, Free at Last,
Great Me Almighty
I'm Free at Last!
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24-05-2011, 12:53 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hello, I'm Aaron Bissell. I usually don't post on forums. I thought I should on this though, just to speak out about my atheism (though I am certainly not a "closeted atheist") Basically, everyone in my family knows I am an atheist (some even embrace it.)

I remember when I was little (maybe like 8 or 7) I had seen "Root Of All Evil?" by Richard Dawkins. I had been questioning religion for a while, but that documentary really rooted it for me. I remember walking in to the kitchen where my mom was, it had been 4 or 5 weeks after we had seen the documentary. I had had time to think about it. I didn't know really what the word atheist meant. I just said to her "Mom, I don't believe in God." I really wasn't sure what she would say, but she said what I didn't expect her to say. She said "Me neither." I was surprised, she showed me a bunch of atheist sites, reassuring me I wasn't alone. Now, I speak about atheism sometimes in class if a student is interested. I went to my first Humanist / atheist convention a while ago, and got to meet the one and only Richard Dawkins. He had been a huge influence for me and really helped me come out of the "closet". Also, his scientific work is amazing, he was such and awesome guy! =-) I will share on of my lectures on religion on another forum. Your all welcome to read it if you want.
24-05-2011, 08:26 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hi All,

I am agnostic/anti-theist, I suppose. Sometimes I overhear conversations in the ladies' room at work and think, "wow, she sounds mentally ill," when people talk about hearing the "still, small voice" of god in their noggins. I live in lancaster county pa, home to too many churches and assumptions about the need to worship. WTF!! If I were god I would ask for a small, tasteful thank you note. "No, really, no need to go on and on. I understand you're grateful..."
Thanks for maintaining a stream of reason...
25-05-2011, 01:47 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hello fellow Atheists! Figured I'd give a quick introduction. My name is Corey and I'm 25 years old. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, but currently residing in Tampa, Florida. I'm in the U.S. Air Force stationed down here. I was agnostic for most of my entire life up until an ex-mega Christian girlfriend I had convinced me to go to church with her and start reading the bible. I did, and it was after that short stint that I became an Atheist. Not sure how anyone who actually reads a bible can continue on with that junk, but whatever. Recently found this website through their Rapture video that was posted on ebaumsworld. Glad I came across it. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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