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14-11-2013, 02:32 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hi. My name is Peggy and I have been a "full blown" atheist for the past 3 years. I am living with my ex husband that acknowledges my atheism but does not want to ever talk about it. I think he doesn't want to be challenged. Today was the last straw. I just got home from doing an errand and left my front door open because for mid November, its an absolutely beautiful day out. My little dog Doobie just started his crazy barking and I knew crazy was coming to my front door. He was right. And elderly lady was at my front door. I said Hi. She start to ask me something about what I thought about when the dead come to life. I said "Huh" Huh . She repeated the question. I told her I don't believe in that. She said, "You don't believe in the bible?" I said no. Do you believe in jesus christ? I said no. I said "I would like you to listen to something with me" She asked me what it was I told her it was a podcast and asked her to have a seat on my porch to listen to your podcast with me. I just so happened to be listening to it at that moment. She insisted that I come to her meeting and listen to the "message" and she was not going to listen to anything with me. I told her that she came to my front door to tell me her message so she could listen to the podcast with me. At that point I was very angry and started to shake Angry. She just kept repeating her answer to me, I told her to leave and I closed the door, stood there, then opened my door so Doobie could accompany her out while barking his fool head off at her. I am at my wits end with these people. Blinded by something that they can't even see. Worship Slaves
I know that this is a little more then an introduction but this is the frustration I am feeling right now and need a little strength because I feel like I am busting at the seams right now.
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14-11-2013, 03:36 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Welcome to the forum, Mothra!

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14-11-2013, 05:44 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hello fellow non-believers. I am a career military member (24 years already) currently stationed in Guam. I have two children, 15 and 13, who live in Maine. I do my best to take advantage of the opportunities presented in every part of the world I have visited or lived. For example, the diving here in Guam is AWESOME! Good times for sure. I realized my Atheism over a few years in my early 20's and have become more at peace with that realization every year. I hope to find some interesting information here at TTA.
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14-11-2013, 08:55 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Guam, eh? Puddle pilot? Consider

Welcome to the forum, Chris!

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14-11-2013, 09:11 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!

I am a 51 year old Canadian that discovered Seth's Blog after downloading DeConverted (via Audible). I finally feel like I am among friends and family.

Over the past number of years I desperately wanted to come out and admit that I don't believe in God. I grew up going to Sunday School but my Dad became an Atheist but my Mother is Christian. I married in a church but I never believed in a God or any of the stories.

After listening to Seth's book and then every podcast, I want to "come out". I have no reason not to but I own a business with many clients that are Christian. Some members of my family are Catholic.

If I come out, I will lose clients, lose contact with the Catholics side of the family and possibly destroy my relationship with my Mom. Over the past 40 years, I have gone to weddings, funerals and NOT prayed or pretended. But to officially come out, it will be problematic.

So I bought a THINKING ATHEIST tshirt and I wear it as often as I can. Few no what it means and my immediate family / wife don't care if I am Atheist. But one day, I want to be able to share my lack of belief on God. Maybe through this forum and listening to Seth, I can get the guts.

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14-11-2013, 11:18 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Oops...started a separate thread before discovering this thread. My apologies.

Been looking at some of the discussions here, and I like what I see.

I could probably be described as sort of "turn it up to 11..." on the Dawkins scale....heh...

Looking forward to getting to know y'all.


It's Special Pleadings all the way down!

Magic Talking Snakes STFU -- revenantx77

You can't have your special pleading and eat it too. -- WillHop
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15-11-2013, 02:26 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hi everyone. I'm Marie and I live in Illinois. I was not raised in a religious family. My father is an atheist. My mother was an agnostic. However, I did marry into a devoutly Christian family. Because my husband was a Christian, I decided I would give Christianity a whirl.

I tried to believe. I did. I sincerely, honestly gave it my best shot. I read devotionals, went to church, prayed, and sang in the choir. I just couldn't believe. I looked like it, but inside I was atheist still.

I carried on pretending and wrestling with it all, until I watched a commercial on TV for The Passion of The Christ. Looking at the glory, glory, this is so gory images on my screen, I had a thought. "What have I personally done that was so awful the only way God could love me was to torture this poor dude to death?"


Wait, that can't be. My weak faith was crumbling, so I read the Bible cover to cover. I started out a wanting to be a Christian, and when I finished reading I was an atheist. Again. Like I was when I was a kid.

My husband is still a theist, but no longer wants to go to church. I respect his faith. He respects my lack of faith. We never argue about it and our marriage has been mostly happy for 24 years.

His extended family is very religious. I have no problem living openly as an atheist, except around his extended family. I see no reason to upset my husband's 85-year-old uncle with my lack of faith. If it comforts Uncle V to believe that we'll all be reunited some day in a magical sky kingdom, that is OK with me. I love my husband's family and upsetting them would gain me nothing. Converting me back to the fold would become their pet project and I don't need that kind of stress.

I like my secular life, even if it is partially closeted with a few people. I value harmony and peace in my life as much as I value rationality and science. I'm not a skilled debater and I'm shy and retiring. I'd rather read Dawkins in private than argue.

After a family reunion with my husband's enormous family, I added new friends on Facebook. Now my Facebook looks like a tract factory threw up all over it. That is their faith and they are free to have it and share it, so I can snicker at it. But, I joined the Thinking Atheist because I need somewhere I can be... Atheist Still.
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15-11-2013, 03:40 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hey everyone I'm new here, I'm a 22 year old male living in ontario canada. Dropped out of college living with my parents etc. Message me if you want to know more Smile
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15-11-2013, 06:37 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hello people
I just registered. i am Living in Northern IL USA. I discovered the TTA through you tube. Ive always been a an atheist, but i am far from the in your face type. My father is an atheist, does not know the bible, but well versed in Church history and dogma as it relates to western civilization (Europe and the Americas). He is a biology professor. My mother is a cop. She is not religious. She and i would go to church on rare occasion, for the free meal and the opportunity to network and people watch.

I guess I lead a secular life. i never give religion a thought. I am self employed the the skilled blue collar trades. Ive walked into houses of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims etc. i have s few commercial accounts with churches and temples and mosques. im there to do a job, not talk about ones personal lives. So i have no work issues with atheism. In the years of self employment, no customer asked me. if one were too, id just say im a non believer.... worst they can do is "fire" me. The reality is most are serious customers.
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15-11-2013, 12:27 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
My name is Steve and I live in Wisconsin. Raised Catholic and went to a Catholic school for several years, converted to Lutheranism when my dad remarried. I was a believer for most of my teens and into my thirties. I believed in a lot of strange things from UFO's, conspiracies, aliens and end of the world prophecies. I had still had a strong belief in God but over time I stopped believing in those things. I've been a skeptic for about four years, a non-believer for little over a year and a declared atheist for over six months. I wanted to know more about atheism and I was looking at atheist sites and pages on Facebook and made a comment about atheism on my Facebook page. I was viciously attacked by a cousin of mine who said that atheism is a cult and that atheists didn't have rights under the constitution. He also told me that I have freedom of religion but not freedom from religion, and that the US is a christian nation. The argument quickly spiraled out of control my friends jumped in to defend me, one of them being a very devout christian defending my right to choose my path in life (that surprised me). I ended up leaving Facebook because of him and my relationship with the rest of my family became very uncertain. My mom, being a very devout catholic didn't care if I was an atheist. My sister-in-law also respected my view but requested that I never talk to her children about atheism and religion and that it was her place to teach them about God and the Bible. I do respect this and said I would never do anything of the sort. Although when my wife and I have kids, I hope that she will respect my views as well when it comes to my children.
After leaving Facebook I haven't given much thought about atheism until recently. I started listening to Monstertalk and other skeptic podcasts that lead me to the Ardent Atheist. There was an episode of the Ardent Atheist where they were playing clips from one of Seth's videos, the top ten Creationist Arguments. They didn't say who did the video on the podcast, so when I got home that night I searched for it and came across The Thinking Atheist on YouTube. That night I watched about ten of his videos and now I am going through and listening to the podcasts.
So here I am, a week later.
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