Introduce Yourself HERE!
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13-09-2010, 05:09 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Welcome to TTAF, cheez! Glad to have you with us. And glad to see that your school failed to blind you.

"Owl," said Rabbit shortly, "you and I have brains. The others have fluff. If there is any thinking to be done in this Forest - and when I say thinking I mean thinking - you and I must do it."
- A. A. Milne, The House at Pooh Corner
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13-09-2010, 05:32 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hi Cheez Smile. I enjoyed reading your long story so no worries. I like listening to how people transition from the dark side.
I feel bad for you having actually been taught creationism in school. *ick* I think being taught both evolution and creationism then letting the person decide is nonsense though, because there is no science behind creationism. That's like being taught both the Popol Vuh (the creation story of the Maya) and evolution and letting you decide which makes sense to is myth, one is science. Better yet, let's teach HarryPotterism and evolution. Smile
And I'm not trying to be disagreeable here but, you said you were baptized by choice at 10 which I disagree with. A 10 year old has no idea what it means to choose their religion for themselves.
Congrats on your new found freedom and just be prepared to meet the opposition head on. They can be mean and nasty and can push some of those old religious buttons (like the guilt, or maybe that's just me, being raised Catholic and all, lol.) Welcome!
13-09-2010, 05:36 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Whatever I wrote when I was enrolled at that school was meant to carefully tiptoe around creating alarm from the teacher. Of course I did not really want to be taught anti-evolution at all, but unfortunately I was in fact acknowleding that the school was going to teach it no matter what I said, and that for me to say it shouldn't be taught would be equivalent to admitting I was unsure about or against it which would've caused the teacher to bring my mom in for a conference or whatever. Also, I absolutely agree with you on my baptizing by choice, while I did it of my own accord, I chose it because I was pressured to, and nothing more.
13-09-2010, 05:47 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
I understand, was just putting in my two cents, lol. I never understood the craziness that goes on at those Christian schools until I befriended a someone like yourself. That and Christian homeschooling scare me, lol. Glad to hear you broke free. peace!
13-09-2010, 07:34 PM (This post was last modified: 13-09-2010 07:40 PM by No J..)
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!

Your answer is is fine. You have to let it out and you have to be understood. I understand you perfectly. I didn't suffer that crap in school but there where a lot of religious people to deal with. I became an atheist in a similar fashion to you.

Me, "Show me the proof."
Christian, "Blah, blah, blah."
Me, "That isn't proof, that is just plain stupid."
Welcome freedom and to more sanity than you are used to.


I like your referrance to 'the dark side.' Very fitting.
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13-09-2010, 11:47 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
cheezisgoooood, yes, as No J. said, you're answer was fine. I didn't mean what you said was nonsense, I meant the Christians trying to teach creationism in public schools is. I didn't realize it may have come across that way. I'm so much better at communicating IRL. I'm new to the forum thing. So, just wanted to make that clear. Smile
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14-09-2010, 12:27 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
(30-08-2010 10:44 PM)Cetaceaphile Wrote:  I'm a fat guy from from England who draws dolphins and plans to marry one

Don't marry a dolphin. Marriage is, at least in part, religious rite. Live in sin with the dolphin and you will make a bigger statement against religion.Tongue
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14-09-2010, 07:55 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!

I don't agree with this statement. Replace 'everyone' with 'most people' and I will toyally agree.

I understand what you're saying; I've had students like that too. I did say anyone could make music, but I didn't say everyone could do it well. Wink
18-09-2010, 07:51 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hello I am a 17 year old Jamaican kid that used to hate god but recently realized he most likely does not exist and decided to stop fighting with an imaginary friend
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18-09-2010, 09:14 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hello! My name is Clayton. I live in Utah. All of my friends are Mormon but luckily my parents raised me in a relatively skeptic fashion. I'm 20 years old and am attending a University in the state.

Always looking for skeptic honeys in the area [which are practically non existent].

I enjoy skiing, computers, jumping on trampolines, off cliffs, off bridges, anything to get the adrenaline going a little bit.

Anyways... HELLO!
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