Introduce Yourself HERE!
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25-07-2014, 10:18 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Howdy from down under ;)

I'm a 27 year old Aussie, I've been an atheist since about grade 3 in primary school. Its only been in the last decade that I have become more of an extraverted atheist and started bring the fight to my local theists. I've read Hitchen and Dawkins mostly and I recently bought Gretta's book " why are you atheists so angry 99 things ghat piss off the godless" its rather humorous and insightful. Due to my work and time differnces I never get to listen to the podcasts live but I have been watching the thinking atheist channel on youtube for about 1 1/2 years. Mostly playing catch up on the old episodes. They have been instrumental in reinforcing my arguments and debates. I look forward to meeting more atheists around my area im curruntly apart of the adelaide anti-theist fb page as well.

Looking forward to interacting through the board.
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26-07-2014, 04:57 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hey guys,

I'm an ex-muslim (though I never really believed it...) from SoCal. I work from home, which means I'm basically a hermit who comes out of her shell for food, water, and the occasional conversation so my vocal cords don't atrophy from disuse.

Currently reaching the end of Ramadan, so happy about that. Don't have to dodge the Guilt Death Ray Stare from my mother anymore. I am not a masochist- and I don't see how fasting for a month can't be seen as self-imposed torture.

Been lying about reading the Quran/praying since preschool. Guess I couldn't take it seriously even then. Staged a successful revolt when Sunday school was brought up, so I dodged that bullet. Started reading in earnest during middle school and it made me more aware of everything, including the vague feelings of discontent religion inspired in me.

Honestly, I don't know how women can read the Quran, hadiths, etc. and remain muslim. Two of the biggest lies muslims tell themselves are that Islam is "pro-woman" and that the Quran contains all the science we've ever learned or will learn. Yes, people say these things with straight faces.

Coming out as an atheist made life way easier, though I do feel like I've become somewhat overly-sensitized to people trying to convince me I'm wrong about it.

Anyway, this is my first foray into non-lurking status online. Hopefully, all goes well Smile.
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26-07-2014, 08:49 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Been around forums before, like to read and learn. My short story: raised catholic, converted to fundamentalist Christianity in my late teens (after a little too much hallucinogenic experimentation, perhaps) to find a way out of "teen angst" and confusion. I was ripe for indoctrination. Degree and post graduate studies in theology. Active in Christian ministry for 12 years. Took another 10 years to gradually deconvert. I now practice the agnostic method and to date have found no evidence of a god or gods. That would make me.... an atheist.
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29-07-2014, 06:00 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hi all. I live in Fort Mill, SC near Charlotte. I had the opportunity to meet Seth last month and I really enjoyed his company. TTA is a great concept. What a show! Take care, Herb
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30-07-2014, 08:03 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
I am from India. I have been an atheist/agnostic from the time I was a teenager. I am studying Masters in Statistics with background in engineering.

I was always grudgingly ambivalent about the minute differences between spiritual aspects of life & the rational thought aspect of life.

Rational thought view of life is the truth of the world as we know it. But spirituality is more like the health or present state of being of an individual. This dawned on me quite recently when i checked out some of the material put out by Sam Harris on about understanding meditation without summoning the deity.

People should check out Sam Harris' work on this aspect. It helped me a great deal. Hope it does for you as well.
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30-07-2014, 10:00 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
I'm a44 year old mechanic from Baltimore. I've never been a believer. The past few years I've become more and more concerned about people's utter disregard for scientific fact to facilitate their irrational beliefs.
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01-08-2014, 11:58 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hi, I'm Kitty, pushing 70 and only recently "out" as an atheist. Retired teacher and social worker, married to a devout progressive Christian who loves me just as I am, currently earning a few bucks as a writer and copy editor. I have more questions to ask than contributions to make at the present time.
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01-08-2014, 12:05 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Lots of new members. Liking that.

Kitty... ask away... we are here to serve Big Grin

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01-08-2014, 01:45 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
(01-08-2014 12:05 PM)DLJ Wrote:  Lots of new members. Liking that.

Kitty... ask away... we are here to serve Big Grin

Mine's a margharita. Thanks Deej Smile

We'll love you just the way you are
If you're perfect -- Alanis Morissette
(06-02-2014 03:47 PM)Momsurroundedbyboys Wrote:  And I'm giving myself a conclusion again from all the facepalming.
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01-08-2014, 02:14 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!

I'm NĂ­colas, chemical engineer, and I was born, raised and currently live in a place deep inside the Amazon Jungle called Manaus. Don't worry, it's a large city with 2 million people or so. We have electricity.

I started looking for good audios to listen in my everyday commute, and started out with audiobooks, but that didn't last long. My iPod is an old model and it's all messed up, I couldn't make audiobooks work on it. Anyway, that's when I found out about podcasts. An atheist cousin of mine (who helped me during my deconvertion) mentioned The thinking atheist, the atheist experience and Dogma debate. I have tried the last two but Seth's voice seduces me in such a way that I just won't listen to other things.

And today I found out about the forum.

You don't know anyone.
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