Introduce Yourself HERE!
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20-09-2014, 11:16 PM
Long time listener, first time call... um... forumer?
it's pretty late for me at the moment, but I'll try to get my point across. I'm a 24y.0. , father (Divorced), non-combat Army National Guard vet. I grew up in a secular home with theist (not religious at all) parents. At about 14 I was "saved" and baptized at a Pentecostal Church of God. I went about 3-4× a week, played for the Worship band with my cousin and other youth; traveled to different churches to play (and cousin would be the guest preacher). I "felt the calling" to become a preacher and began reading and studying the bible from cover to cover (including all the begats and stuff that isn't taught in sunday school). As many of you have, I started doubting and questioning and praying for answers. I went through a terrible depression because I felt I was letting God down by not following my "calling" in a "timely manner". I stopped going to church and eventually , over time, stopped believing for lack of evidence and the problem of evil. At 19 I enlisted and when I filled 0ut the form for my Dogtags, I selected Atheist instead of No Pref. That was mysilent acceptance of my atheism.It was anamazing feeling to finallyaccept my atheism.I was engaged twice , married and divorced once. Suffered through an abusive marriage (my athesim was targeted by her and her family, viciously). I will discuss specifics later, but when we moved into her parents place I was forced to go to church and was never allowed to voice any opposition to any scripture reading in the house. I finally escaped with my son, but without evidence of the poor conditions and treatment i endured, she has half custody.
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22-09-2014, 07:42 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!

I'm 32 and live in the southeastern United States. I'm convinced I was atheist before I knew the word. I'm an Anarchist and Voluntaryist so I'm not militant in my atheism unless challenged. I believe you are free to do and believe wherever the hell you want so long as it doesn't affect my person or property.
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22-09-2014, 08:47 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Welcome to everyone who is new. Heart

Be true to yourself. Heart
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24-09-2014, 12:15 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
I'm from rural GA. It's brutal here. I'm an open atheist to my friends & family, but I try to avoid the conversation in the community at large
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24-09-2014, 01:16 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Welcome new people Smile

" Generally speaking, the errors in religion are dangerous; those in philosophy only ridiculous."
David Hume
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25-09-2014, 10:18 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hello all,
I am 41 years old atheist living in suburban Detroit. I work in the medical field and also teach Krav Maga. Im pretty sure I have been an atheist all my life but just recently came to that "revelation" (forgive the word). I love the fact that atheists come in all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, ages and that you dont need to be a theoretical physicist to speak intelligently about the universe or a evolutionary biologist to discuss evolution.
I certainly believe that religion is man-made and that god is a figment of mans imagination. Thanks for accepting me and I look forward to some good discussion.

If you find yourself in a fair fight then your tactics suck.
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25-09-2014, 11:32 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Greetings Heathens,
I'm new to the site and looking to find more venues to share my thoughts with those that share in my disbelief. I'm 46 years old and it has taken almost 10 years for me to shed my theistic chains, but I still have scars. I wrote something that kind of explains it. I hope there is enough room her to post it.

I own a company called Mortimer Snerd manufacturing. I inherited this company from my father and it has been in my family for many, many generations. One day soon after I became CEO of my company, a few Sales Representatives from one of the oldest insurance companies. This company, Hewhay Enterprises LL, convinces me that my manufacturing company is flawed in a major way from a mistake that my great-great-great- great-great-grand father made. Hewhay Enterprises LLC’s PR guys are also telling me that they can’t really fix the flaw, but that they can set up a retirement insurance policy that is “to die for”. I’m not sure about this deal, so I ask some others that claim they’ve used their services. Most claim they are very happy with Hewhay Enterprises LLC, but they can’t really give me any examples of where their companies were essentially improved, except for the CEO’s of these companies being “happier”. The cost up front looked reasonable enough (although I couldn’t see the long term costs). The business practices seemed a little questionable and possibly dishonest. So I talked to the Hewhay’s PR guys again (not all of them, one of them was arrested for pedophilia, another for extortion, and another for fraud). The PR guys said those that got arrested weren’t actually REAL employees, but rather they pretended to be.

So I voiced my concerns with their company, and they responded by saying that if I didn’t use their company and also their products (which I wasn’t even fully aware of until later) that I would retire completely broke, beaten by thugs, diseased and jailed for the rest of my life. Since I’m new to being a CEO, I felt I should go ahead and try their company and product line. It was mostly harmless. Everyone I knew was using the same service and products. Then I got a copy of their company’s Manifesto. There were some good parts to this Manifesto, mostly policies that I was already using in my business. But, this Manifesto also had conflicts in its own business practices and business ethics. But the biggest problem I had was that it was nothing like what the PR guys were saying about the company. I kept talking to the Sales Reps, because it was impossible to talk to a CEO or any real authority at this company, just Sales Reps and PR guys. The assured me everything was fine, and not to pay attention to their company flaws, but rather just really, really trust that they know what they are doing and everything will be fine. The would also remind me of the retirement package promised and the treats of poverty and prison if I decide to leave them.

So, thanks to modern technology, I was able to google their company. I found many people that had problems with Hewhay Enterprises LLC. Also, there were those that used similar services and products in other countries, but under a different company. Hewhay Enterprises PR guys told me that they were dummy corporations used to profit the Sales Reps and PR guys. When I asked “what was the difference between them and you?”, they reassured me that they had the best Manifesto. So, I started talking to those that used their product and then fired that company for breach of contract and fraud. I also talked to a few that never purchased any policy or used any of the products from any of these companies. In fact there were a growing number of people who completely changed their business practices to rely on their own company policies and not those arbitrary ones dictated by Hewhay Enterprises LLC. These companies were doing great and practicing sound and ethical business practices. I originally found most of them on YouTube.

In fact, several were former PR and Sales Reps employees and claimed that Hewhay Enterprises LLC was just a dummy or fake corporation to launder money and gain political favors for the Sales Reps. The left a lucrative job to become whistle blowers. If it was one or two jaded and disgruntled employees, I wouldn’t be so convinced. But the numbers of previous employees and clients of Hewhay Enterprises LLC reaches in the hundreds of thousands. So I sent an email to the company and cc to the son of the CEO. I’m not sure if they got it, there is now real mailing address or official web page. If the company is as well connected and competent as advertised, then I’m sure they’ll get the message. It simply said “Dear Sir, Madam, or Sirs and madams, YOU’RE FIRED, Sincerely Mortimer Snerd”
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25-09-2014, 11:47 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Welcome all newbies!!!!! Sit down and relax, listen to some podcasts, read a few threads, (if you look hard enough to can find some serious ones hehe). Jump into a thread and enjoy yourself.


"Belief is so often the death of reason" - Qyburn, Game of Thrones

"The Christian community continues to exist because the conclusions of the critical study of the Bible are largely withheld from them." -Hans Conzelmann (1915-1989)
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26-09-2014, 10:16 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Greetings to all the people from around the world and possibly beyond - lol - please allow me to introduce myself. In saying so I mean, please take the time to read my monologue, long and boring as it may be. I am a 30+ atheist from the land down under (Australia) and given my interpersonal encounters here and my experience with the greater world through the media, I was beginning to seriously doubt the existence of not only God(s) but also that of sane and thinking people. I watched a video on Youtube relating to Atheists visiting the so-called "Creation Museum" or "Jurassic Lark", (I prefer my version, "Fantasy Island") and this had almost confirmed my earlier suspicion pertaining to intelligent people. I decided to use the linky thing to "The Thinking Atheist" to cheer me up with a little intelligent discourse.

I hope that I may in time become a regular, engaging and interactive member here with ideas to share and contributions to make. I look forward to meeting many of you in cyberspace and trading in the commodities of brains, knowledge and jest. Thank you sparing the minute or two of your time. Smile
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27-09-2014, 04:02 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Welcome to all the newbies.

Feel free to rant, learn, teach etc. Have fun.

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