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12-11-2011, 04:12 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!

My name is Karina Moreno and I'm from Mexico City. My friends tell me I am identical to actress Odette Annabele Yustman, sou you can imagine me. I'm a 34 year-old psychotherapist, and an atheist for almost five years. Before that, I was a roman catholic for almost seven and a half years.

Thanks to my profession I started having doubts and the christian faith couldn't stand the heavy burden of scientific evidence.

I am here because there are no atheist forums in spanish. I mean... they are, but almost every atheist there is like... I don't know... mad. They are always angry and I personally think that atheism is the opposite of that. Atheism means, to me, freedom and happiness. Freedom from stupid shallow laws governing your life, the ability to deal with life from reality and not fantasy and ilussions.

I want to talk about atheism and religious ideas here with happy atheist, proud atheists. I hope I can share my two cents, also.

I apologize in advance for my english. I think it's not as good as I would like it to be, but I will make an effort to write properly. Any suggestion, let me know. And I am at your service, anything you need.


List time I visited the forum my introduction message wasn't here, so I introduced myself twice. I'm sorry for that.

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12-11-2011, 04:53 PM (This post was last modified: 12-11-2011 05:19 PM by kim.)
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
(12-11-2011 04:12 PM)KarinaMoreno Wrote:  HELLO TO ALL.
Hi Karina -Your english is fantastic - we are very informal here and we can say whatever we need to. You will find a few angry or agitated folk here, but civility usually reigns. Dodgy You might notice, some of us can get a bit protective if we find a non-theist is being pulled into a bottomless pit of an argument by a theist.
We all have our limits ...but that's alright, as well.

By the way, I found your original post on page 75... you might have missed it or because you were too new, it might not have appeared if you looked for it too soon... it's there now.
Smile Welcome to the forum!
(11-11-2011 08:53 PM)jercovable Wrote:  Hi I have been Christian for the better part of my life, but now I am an Atheist.
I find it hard not to push me opinion upon religious people.
Hi Jercovable - I suppose it is difficult to restrain one's self... but if you find it helpful, you might ease into your non-Theist life here, that's ok too. Smile

I can guarantee you will learn a lot about non-Theists here. And you might learn even more about Theists here than you ever wanted to know! We do have a few Theists attending this forum and as long as they can hold a civil debate, we all seem to get along fine. Kind of how it's supposed to work out there in the real world.
Heart <-- I like to play with the smilies. --> Blush

Tongue Welcome to the forum.

A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move to higher levels. ~ Albert Einstein
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14-11-2011, 07:16 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Hello all,

My name is Nina...I'm 31, a West Coast Canadian, very liberal, very atheist.

I was raised in a religious mom's side all being Roman Catholic, I was forced to go to mass once in awhile. The only girl guide (aka girl scout) group in the area was run by the Salvation Army Church, and I spent 5 years with that group. I attended christian summer camp and prayed before meals. I never understood why though, I kind of went through the motions and didn't start to really question anything until about 17 or 18. To this day, I still don't know what my Dad believes although he never attended church with us. He never spoke about god. It made me wonder why one side of my family would be so fervent and one side didn't care at all.

I'm 31 now, and have fully embraced the title of atheist. My husband is a deist, which is a huge departure from his original roots, and I think he grows closer to my way of thinking everyday. He believes in a 'higher power', and that there is a heaven, he prays sometimes. He says it gives him comfort although he knows I find the idea ridiculous and we joke about it. He believes the bible to be a book of 'fairy tales'. He defends me when his own family questions my non-belief and has gotten them to accept me (and now his mom even told me secretly she's not sure she really believes either).

I have started to challenge people when they push their belief in my face or use it in any way that would affect my life. I dare say once we have children I will get more passionate about keeping religion and its' bigotry out of my children's lives. I moved from Vancouver (very liberal) to a conservative suburb where everyone goes to church and I'm continually seeking like-minded individuals and communities where I don't feel like an outcast. I'm glad to have found TTA.

I have followed Seth's page on Facebook for a long time and just transitioned over here after the discussion boards were removed.
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14-11-2011, 07:48 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Welcome to the community! I am also a fellow west coaster. Though too far from Vancouver to have avoided the test that is a bible orientated city. I am in abbotsford which is not really far in distance but light years away in tolerance. The belt we wear is biblical. I also while living my life opposed to religion, was never all that vocal about it until my kid came along. It's almost like I feel now that it's more my responsibility to say my piece because I made a life that has to live here.

"I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive human being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moments." -Jim Morrison
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14-11-2011, 07:51 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
(12-11-2011 04:12 PM)KarinaMoreno Wrote:  DAMN.

List time I visited the forum my introduction message wasn't here, so I introduced myself twice. I'm sorry for that.


That's because a staff member needs to approve your first post before it shows up on the boards. It's just a way of us deleting spam so you guys don't have to put up with it.

For the record, it says so in the rules. I sure wish everyone would read them. You'd be amazed how many people post their introduction over and over again because they don't see it right away. Makes for a lot of repeated posts that I have to delete.

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14-11-2011, 08:17 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Uh-oh. Raving is Raving. Just in case the auditors thought the Department of Redundancy was Redundant. End of the fiscal year already? Thought that was in May... Big Grin

(I mean, I read that rule; but it's right fricking there... People, jeez...)

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15-11-2011, 08:07 AM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
(31-08-2010 02:31 PM)2buckchuck Wrote:  I'm an ancient curmudgeon, an unbeliever in monotheistic deities since my earliest days, and a semi-retired atmospheric scientist. Recently, I've become more agressively atheist because I'm concerned for the survival of the species - when monotheists have control over modern weapons of mass destruction and the will to use them to further their belief systems. Monotheists are prone to intolerance, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, brutality, and violence. Barbaric religions are no longer acceptable in a world on the brink of worldwide religious wars.

Well, that's pretty close to my story. I recognized at 9 or 10 (in Sunday School) that Christianity just didn't add up. I was agnostic for most of my youth. I finally realized that agnosticism was, for me, dishonest; that I was really an atheist.

I'm an almost-retired software engineer who sees religions as dangerous, divisive, and anti-democratic. I want to help bring people to the realization that it is time for mankind to grow up.

Skepticism is not a position; it is an approach to claims.
Science is not a subject, but a method.
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15-11-2011, 05:57 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
[Image: 305891_10150373143168786_728938785_85913...8617_n.jpg]

This is me on Halloween sorry about the mirror photo I usually hate them but I get a pass on Halloween. I went as what Evangelicals see when you tell them your an atheist. I'm a philosophy undergrad student in Preston, UK. Love Scepticism and good old debate.

I have a Tattoo on my leg saying Leviticus 19:28 hope everyone sees the irony Smile

Please read my Blog
"A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence"
- David Hume
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15-11-2011, 06:14 PM
RE: Introduce Yourself HERE!
Welcome to TTA. You're not too far from me, I'm near Manchester.

Love the tattoo by the way Big Grin.

Best and worst of Ferdinand .....
Ferdinand: We don't really say 'theist' in Alabama. Here, you're either a Christian, or you're from Afghanistan and we fucking hate you.
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15-11-2011, 07:26 PM
Lesbian Ex-Mormon Atheist Says Hello
I'm a 29 year old native English teacher in South Korea. Originally from the southern US, born in Tennessee, raised in South Carolina. I an an agnostic atheist with more atheist leanings.

I come from a religious and emotionally abusive background. I was raised Mormon, but my family broke away from the church when I was 15. While my parents shed their Mormon faith they kept their Christian faith. My younger brother and I did not, though it took us years of deprogramming ourselves to come to our current state of atheism. I am also a lesbian. My coming out was traumatic and I had to do it twice for my parents.

The older I get the more unable I am to deal with religious people. The vast majority of my friends are Christians and they enjoy pushing it on me in little ways, especially my Korean friends. My parents grow more religious by the day, my mother saying things like, "Oh, hasn't Jesus given us a wonderful day today?". I told my mother several years ago that I was an atheist, a fact she sacrificed to her delusions. In her moments of anger she remembers it and that's never a good outcome.

However, I try to maintain a positive outlook on all things. I don't like people who constantly negative. I prefer people who are realistic and look for positive solutions to the negative around us. I've traveled a lot and have a wide range of experiences. I'm hoping to get in touch with more like minded people here. It would be a comfort.
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