Introducing the kickass soilder you might not have heard of...
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12-06-2018, 02:52 PM (This post was last modified: 12-06-2018 04:15 PM by Injustice223.)
Introducing the kickass soilder you might not have heard of...
...Wojtek! Now wojtek was born in approximately 1942 in Iran. His mother was killed by hunters, so a local boy took him in. Now wojtek was no ordinary human, he was a bear. Now if you know anything about polish history , you should know about the anders army, if you don't, look it up on Wikipedia. Here is a link
But anyways, a group of soilders saw this boy and fell in love with the bear due to their similar situation, both being orphaned in some way, the soilders being orphaned from their country. Now the soilders traded some stuff in exchange of the bear and they got him and named him Wojtek(pronounced voy-tech)which means happy warrior in Polish. So after that the soilders gave the bear to the care of a polish refugee until he got older. When he got older he was given to the 22nd artillery supply company. At first he had trouble swallowing, so he was fed condensed milk out of an old vodka bottle. He later ate fruit, marmalde, honey and syrup and was rewarded with beer, his favorite drink. He was well known for smoking (or eating) cigarettes and would spit them out if they weren't lit. He loved to wrestle the soilders and he even learned how to salute. Holy cow he is amazing!

But it gets even better. When the 22nd company had the leave to join up with the British troops at Monte Cassino, Wojtek was not allowed an board due to not being a soldier. So his fellow troops got him into the army and he became Private Wojtek. He and the 22nd artillery supply company joined up with the british troops at Monte Cassino.The company was bringing up the artillery shells to the artillery, and Wojtek saw this and imitated what the soldiers did, bringing artillery crates to the soldiers, never dropping a crate. After the war he became Corporal Wojtek and was stationed in Scotland. After demobilization, he went to live in the Edinburgh Zoo, where he spent the rest of his days in, occasionally being visited by the soldiers who would toss him cigarettes. He died in 1963. That was the story of wojtek, I hope you liked it

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