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03-11-2010, 12:24 AM
Hello all. I figured I should probably post an introduction at some point. Been an atheist for about 3 years now. Really I think my conversion to atheism started when I was in middle school. I grew up in a non-denominational Christian home. I was bullied quite a bit and remember asking god for it to stop.
It eventually did in High School so I stopped thinking about religion until I got out of High school and went pretty much directly into the Army. In boot camp I had trouble passing my PT test, because to be honest my recruiter kinda fudged my score a bit. I had to retake the PT test several times. I remembered praying for god to help me pass my PT test the night before each morning I was supposed to take a retake. God never did. The ironic thing was the one night before a retake that I didn't pray, I ended up passing it. At that point I thought, either prayer doesn't work or God was just trying to tell me I had to do things on my own. Either way it started to make me think about my religion.
In AIT, which came right after basic, I settled on the fact that prayer didn't work and decided to further question my beliefs. Back home (I'm in the reserves) I started talking with my religious friend about things and really learned quite a bit about Christianity. My belief started to crumble around me, but what was the final straw was when I read Leviticus. It took me a while, but I finally reached my boiling point and had to tell someone what I believed.
I ended up telling my mom one morning, about this time last year, and she didn't take it as well as I thought she would. I am thankful she didn't disown me, but at the same time she kind of swept it under the rug. Right now it's just something I'm not supposed to talk about around her or the family. Her and my dad are the only ones in the family know. Some close friends know as well. Anyways, that's about it. Undecided
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03-11-2010, 08:18 AM
RE: Introduction
Quote:I was bullied quite a bit and remember asking god for it to stop.
Me too, in the 7th grade, Yahweh didn't mind helping, but I punched one of them a few times to his face and at least the physical bullying stopped.

Welcomes! Enjoy thy stay.

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