Is Buddhism really that cool?
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07-01-2013, 11:53 PM
RE: Is Buddhism really that cool?
(07-01-2013 11:35 PM)EvolutionKills Wrote:  Fair enough. I just know that I've seen reports of Buddhists freedom fighters and terrorists, that don't appear to be much different from versions we've seen in other religions. Given what you have posted, I take it they were not very well educated or devout Buddhists. Still, I'd just as soon ditch the philosophy in favor of science. Studying it can lead new interesting new thought processes and perspectives, but be always ready to change your belief as new evidence emerges.

So Buddhism without any theology or dogma, practiced by a rational pro-scientific skeptic, sounds relatively harmless.

And that is exactly why I have a hard time defining something on the fine line of "religion or philosophy" because of interpretation. Can't say I've heard of any buddhist terrorists. Although I've heard of them doing self immolation (burning themselves alive) to make a stand on something or get a message across. But anything is possible as any set of ideas or principles or rules can be interpreted by someone differently than other.

And this is also where I think a lot of religious people would get into the no true scottsman fallacy of, "Well then they must not have been real buddhists." But let's get real, that's in pretty much every religion. If the dogma associated with a set of rules or beliefs ends up causing harm in the end to another human being, well, it's not ok.

I would agree with your last sentence. Although I think we could say the same for some examples of other religious types of the same set of qualities. Look at our friend KC, he's a rather rational, pro-scientific type. He doesn't seem to me that he'd harm another person over his beliefs, nor force it on others, nor use it to hate/discriminate. Although he interprets it differently than other christians.

Although this is where we get into that area where I have to toss up my arms and say, "Well, if it can be interpreted in a manner that another person hurts another person over it, fuck it, I'm not interested." but regardless, I think it's good to at least understand what it is about and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in philosophy of all kinds. Which is why I read up on it and listened to some lectures. Some of the lectures for me gets a tad boring as a lot of times it is repetitive, while others were pretty interesting.
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