Is Heaven like Mount Olympus?
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01-07-2013, 10:52 AM
RE: Is Heaven like Mount Olympus?
(01-07-2013 09:47 AM)Raptor Jesus Wrote:  Well let's take a look at what the bible says about this, shall we...

After Jesus destroyes the world and kills everyone on it, except for those who suck up to him enough to have proven that they can be trusted to contine to suck up to him after he kills all their other friends and loved ones, he will rebuild earth, with no oceans on it (for some reason), make a giant city which is where everyone he saves will live. It is 1,500x1,500 square miles. That will cover an area that looks like this...

It's walls will be 1,500 square miles high. So basically a cube. It's walls will be so high they will reach out into orbit. To be clear what that means, consider that the Internationa Space Station orbits a little bellow 250 miles up and most all of our satellites orbit lower than that. The Internationa Space Station would only make it 1/6 of the way up the side of the walls of the city.

Why the walls need to be so high I don't know. Why wall it off at all? What's the need for a city? But it will come floating down from the sky and land on the new oceanless earth, and will have a base made out of gem stones, and 1,500 mile high walls made out of diamonds, with streets paved with gold and one creek running through the middle of it.

So no...not like Mt. Olympus...but this version obviously will not happen's ridiculous.

That is one big ass Borg cube!
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