Is, "I'll pray for you" insulting?
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14-12-2012, 01:01 PM
RE: Is, "I'll pray for you" insulting?
I think any positive thoughts meant to offer care and well being, are usually given sincerely. I don't think I've ever suspected any sort of malice. I'm always glad someone is able to express love in whatever way they know how.

Maybe some feel inadequate and feel some kind of "divine intervention" would better spread the love. It's kind of impersonal but maybe because of how they were raised, it's all they know how to muster up.

When it comes to love, I feel it pretty unconditionally and that's how I want to give and receive it. Heart

I think in the end, I just feel like I'm a secular person who has a skeptical eye toward any extraordinary claim, carefully examining any extraordinary evidence before jumping to conclusions. ~ Eric ~ My friend ... who figured it out.
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