Is Reality.... A Lie?
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27-03-2012, 12:52 AM (This post was last modified: 27-03-2012 01:02 AM by Mr Woof.)
RE: Is Reality.... A Lie?
Can any 'reality' be more than a buzz word relating to our physical senses,empirical knowledge, aspirations, wild fantasies etc relevant to the cosmos and even to our secular existences?

I must say, like Lucradis, I find this issue interesting but one not to be delved into too deeply.
Lets look briefly at scientism and the fact that some philosophers and scientists all but deny the possibility of anything beyond materialism and Darwinian evolution. I would argue that science has great capabilities (good and evil) for pragmatism at our ultra limited level. I do not see this as ever proving some sort of reality.

Conversely, religions look to 'reality' via faith, without even having a good look at the pros and the cons of science and logic.

We, as human beings find it excruciatingly difficult not to follow a creed of some sort in order to feel, well, 'real'.
It is not easy to live without supportive convictions irrespective of their questionable worth.

Re cosmic concerns such as infinite regression/progression Buddha taught to forget about it, or perhaps go crazy.
AS for living 'reality' my friend David Miller once suggested that god (goodness) could be no more than our own well considered acts directed towards potentialities, within our own understandings, and involving some degree of gut feeling. I tend to agree.
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