Is Thiesm Evil
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25-09-2017, 07:47 AM
RE: Is Thiesm Evil
(25-09-2017 05:43 AM)Thoreauvian Wrote:  Children are taught to believe in the assumptions of their social groups for their social benefit, because they are social animals.

Quite true. Humans are a pack animal so our place in our social group is extremely important to us and children will follow the social lead of their parents in their early years. Science shows us how imprinting helps different species to teach lessons to young brains that remain with them for life. That is why I believe it is so evil to infect such young pre-school children with these beliefs in fake gods and out of date religious rule books. I also think this study about the effect of indoctrinating toddlers and the very high percentage who go on to become believers in adulthood bears this out.
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