Is anyone currently writing something?
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25-12-2012, 03:36 AM
RE: Is anyone currently writing something?
I'm a former game designer. I write down ideas on a couple of projects. One of these projects could be a book too. I think it walks a fine line between sci-fi and fantasy. When circumstances are right, there is no technical difference between technology and magic.

Anyway I keep seeing that in a "magic"-heavy world, hardly anybody ever really goes into the true scientific implications. If a wizard casts a lightning bolt, how does he hit the target? The air isolates. He'd need to do something about it, decrease pressure in a line or smoke a pipe and blow a smoke in that direction, which would ionize the air more easily.
Furthermore, we can't have lightning-flinging wizards and then iron-encased warriors brandishing steel swords. These things are damn conductive! They'd get fried at the first opportunity! Except in a special Faraday cage armor. That's why it's called fantasy.

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