Is atheism in Sweden declining
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27-06-2014, 06:37 AM (This post was last modified: 27-06-2014 06:54 AM by Jazki21.)
Is atheism in Sweden declining
Seems it was an atheist paradise for some people, but now that Islam is coming... well. Evolution... i guess a "domestic ruling religion of dominating the world(All shall have the same faith, whether with force or convincing, aslong as it gets followers)" had to replace another domestic religion that was ruling before (Like Christianity, since that is very weak, and is not effected on people so much anymore, and that's the oppurtunity for this new master religion to grasp its hand into it, and spread in anyways it takes, whatever it takes, the irony of leaving another religion to be grasped by another :/), it was burried in sand before though :/. Just read some comments on this video, not that i watch Pat Condell a lot though.

But then again, it seems atheism is also in middle east. But the future is a mystery. But gotta do whats right.

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27-06-2014, 10:10 AM
RE: Is atheism in Sweden declining
I've never really been a fan of Pat C.

He reminds me of all the rabid right wing parents of the children with whom I went to school.

Societies change. New ideas come in, old ideas adapt.

All the truly innovative periods of human history are those with freedom of movement and cross-cultural exchanges of ideas.

Waves of immigration can be destabilising but usually a new norm is found as the 2nd or 3rd generation gain knowledge through better education and wealth.

The incidents of rape are a separate issue and should be investigated as just that... separate incidents. I doubt that the root causes are purely to do with immigration.

Citations needed.

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